People have been tripping on magic mushrooms for centuries. The trips have helped them transform their lives for the better by improving their mental health and spiritual life. For recreational users, shrooms have contributed to a library of fun and memorable experiences. If you are looking to intensify your mushroom trip, below is a list of four ways you can take your psychedelic trip to the next level. 


1. Lemon Tekking

lemon tekking 1

Lemon tekking refers to the method of mixing your dried mushrooms with lemon juice before consumption. Essentially, you grind the mushrooms, put them in a cup or glass, pour lemon juice over them, and let the mixture sit for some minutes before drinking. 

How does this enhance the trip? Citric acid is known to break down psilocybin faster, leading to accelerated and intense effects. Additionally, citric acid helps to diminish the taste of raw shrooms. 

You could also use orange or grapefruits since they also contain acidic juices. 


2. Tripping with Friends or Psychedelic Aficionados

While tripping alone is good as it allows you to re-discover yourself, doing it with friends makes the whole experience intense, enjoyable, and memorable. 

If your friends don’t trip or they live far away, you can decide to share the experience with fellow psychedelic enthusiasts. Having something in common will make the trip more wholesome. 

However, always ensure that you trip in a familiar place, such as your house. It will offer you comfort, privacy, and safety. Also, make sure that you have an experienced sitter within the group to help keep things in order. Keep the number of people to a minimum. 


3. Listening to Trippy Psychedelic Music and Visuals 

psychedelic music 1

During your psychedelic trip, the set and setting could make or break the whole experience. Music plays a massive role in determining how positive and intense the trip will be.

Playing songs with introspective lyrics is one way to enhance the trip. You could also try classical or instrumental tunes, slow or fast tempo melodies (depending on your preference), or some world music.

In case the trip overwhelmingly intensifies, try some nature-mimicking sounds such as bird ships, ocean waves, and rain. They will help you lower the intensity.


4. Tripping in a Forest or Any Place That Allows you to Connect with Mother Nature

outdoors 1

There is something about mother nature that makes the whole psychedelic trip better, more impactful, and intense. Sitting there, looking at the tree shadows as they sway on the forest floor following the wind direction, makes you appreciate the beauty of mother earth.

You can trip while watching the sunrise, during the day as you bask in the sunny spring day, or while observing the beautiful sunset in the evening.

If you live in an area where you can’t access a forest, a botanical garden offers the next best alternative. Here, you can connect with nature as you observe the numerous species of trees, flowers, and insects such as butterflies.

Alternatively, you can visit the beach and enjoy the clear blue waters, the magical sounds of waves, and walk in the white sands. This setting is guaranteed to magically take your psychedelic trip to the next level. Some of the beaches you can visit in Canada include Kelly’s beach, Sauble beach, Bennet beach, Parksville beach, and Devonshire beach.


Take away

You can intensify your mushroom trip by connecting with mother nature, lemon tekking, playing tripping music, and sharing the experience with friends. Regardless of whether you are taking the shrooms recreationally or therapeutically, these are sure ways that allow you to get the most from your trip.

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