Scam company?
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Scam company?

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Was excited to place my first order last Monday evening March 7, registered probably with confirmation and now closing in on 10 days of being ignored over messages, unsure whats going on with my order while the friends I work with are being replied to within the hour. Looking for clear direct communication with someone or my money back would be great. As of now wouldnt reccomend to anyone I know to use this site

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Hi Kacey,


I apologize that you had an unpleasant experience with us. 

We were unable to process your payment, after we requested that you cancel and resend the transfer, you cancelled the order. 

I understand the frustration in the matter but I assure you we were not trying to "scam" you, we were also in consistent communication with you. 

If there is anything else we can do for you feel free to reach out. 


Thank you,



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I'm a happy many-time return customer.  The label "scam" seems really, really unfair and inapplicable (even if something else went wrong with an order).  Almost all my orders have been flawless (fast processing, wonderful product).  The one time there was a (shipping) problem MMD resolved the situation like total pros.