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Eat before?

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One question : Do you eat before taking shrooms or do it on an empty stomach?

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Generally I will eat a small healthy meal a few hours before I eat my mushrooms. I usually am not very interested in eating while tripping, so eating before helps keep me going for the duration of my trip. 

I also will have some ginger (fresh or candy) when I eat the shrooms to help with stomach pain and nausea.  

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I've done both, the general consensus is that an empty stomach provides for a more intense/longer journey but I think the format you consume matters just as much. For example drinking a tea definitely lessens the length of the trip for me, eating the mushrooms extends my trip at least by an hour or two.

I agree with Farratilller that its more pleasant overall to have some healthy food in me before the shrooms. Not an over-filling junk food meal but a small wholesome meal would make the overall experience more pleasant.