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I’ve recently discovered mushrooms. I’ve done 2g of Golden Teacher 5 times now. Each trip has been an amazing journey that I truly believe has allowed me to work some shit out. I feel more creative, grounded, and connected than I have in a long time. 

I want to keep tripping and see where the journey takes me. So with that in mind, I have two questions for those more experienced. 

1. How long between trips? I feel like I will know when I’m ready, but what are peoples thoughts on managing tolerance to the mushrooms?

2. Do certain foods or the quantity of food in your stomach affect the intensity of the trip? I’ve tried on an empty stomach, but the nausea made the trip a bad experience. I’ve done mushrooms on a partially full stomach. Eating about 4 hours before the trip. One trip was intense, the other a lot more subdued. I’m curious if the good I ate affected the intensity of the trip. 

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I've been experimenting with mushrooms for the last 10 years, primarily with larger doses. I like to take a couple weeks in between trips, but I agree with you in the fact that you know when you're ready. I don't believe you'll build up to high of a tolerance when taking larger doses, especially when taking 2-4 weeks in between.


I usually like to consume the mushrooms with a half full stomach. I usually get stomach pain and more anxiety when I eat on an empty stomach. I also find its nice to have some food in the stomach as I usually don't have a strong appetite when taking large doses. It helps keep my energy up throughout the trip.