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Hey everyone! In the latter half of 2021 I began experimenting with microdosing. So far it's been a very positive experience. However as long as I've been aware of psychedelic mushrooms, I've only recently learned that they come in so many different strains! I am trying to increase my knowledge of all of the various strains and their effects but have found it surprisingly hard to find much info about this online. Anyone have any recommendations on where to go or what to read to learn as much as possible about different strains? So far I myself have used Penis Envy and Mckennais and can definitely notice a difference in the two. A friend also has Dancing Tiger and Golden Teacher seems to be a popular one I hear about a lot as well. Any info on these or any other well known strains is much appreciated! Thanks

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I have most of my psilocybin experience with Blue Meanies, Golden Teachers, and Penis Envy. I tend to find the Blue Meanies are my favourite, giving me introspective thoughts, some light visuals, and euphoria, all while still being able to be very social. I find that Golden Teachers are on the lighter side, and maybe slightly more "bubbly" if that makes sense. I find that Golden Teachers are my favourite for hiking, and other nature excursions. Maybe its just a coincidence, but I feel more connected to nature on that strain (really nice for solo tripping). Penis Envy is definitely quite the strain. I find I have to eat far less than other strains, and find this strain gives me the strongest visuals, and lots of butterflies on the "come up". I would recommend this strain for more avid users, and those who enjoy the visual side of mushrooms.