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A walk around the block

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TL:DR a walk around my block turned into a 3 hour excursion 

I recently purchased the SHAFAA Heal mango peach gummies and decided to take all four dummies in the pack (only two grams). I am still new to tripping (only trying small 1G doses of Jedi mind fuck) but I was excited to experiment! After eating them I decided to put some music on and wait for the effects to kick in. I then quickly realized that I had forgotten to take my dog Buckley for a walk, so I figured I'd take I'm for a short walk around the block and be back before these gummies kicked in. It was a beautiful day out, partially cloudy, about 18 degrees out. We started walking our normal route around my neighbourhood, with Buckley marking his territory as we walked. He started to look at me as if he didn't know where he was going, I then realize that these gummies had started to hit me and we had walked straight outta my neighbourhood and into town! I was a little worried at first because my original plan of sitting in my house listening to music got thrown out the window but I quickly started looking around and enjoying myself. I wasn't anywhere new but having the mushrooms on my side I was able to look at my town in a new perspective. Me and Buckley then proceeded to walk around looking at the trees and buildings as we went by! Finally making it home after about 3 hours I fed Buckley, put my music back on and sat back down in my chair. This has most definitely been my most positive experience on mushrooms and I definitely recommend taking a walk while you are tripping!

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I definitely recommend taking a walk while you are tripping!

Well.. it would depend on the neighborhood and the dose but yeah getting out in nature on low level, easily manageable doses providing its safe to do so is great. Better with friends tho too, even furry ones.

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