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Cacao positive energizing experience !

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Hello 🌼 I really wanted to share an experience I had taking cacao powder with 1.5 grams of golden teacher. I was reading about this method (sometimes known as the "Aztec Combo") and it has the ability to strengthen the power of the mushrooms and give a more euphoric feeling. My friend and I made this together, I used a blender to make a smoothie with a tablespoon of the cacao then ate the mushrooms just before drinking the smoothie. I swear it kicked in a lot faster than normal, and we had an amazing time being outside at the park with enhanced colors and grooving to music. I will say it gave me a lot of energy at first and it almost felt like a big come-up, (like caffeine energy) but that dissipated after a bit and walking around helped a lot. This wasn't a huge dose of mushrooms but definitely very present in my system. I'm not sure how this would be if taken with a larger dose of mushrooms (it could be quite strong) but I'd love to hear if anyone else has tried this. 🙂 I highly recommend trying it,  maybe even a bit of dark chocolate would do some work giving you an extra boost! 🙂