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Creative Tripping

It's Corey
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Hi! I am so excited to have a community to share trippy shit with!!

Does anyone else use mushrooms to help them get into a creative mood? 

This past weekend I took about 1.5 grams of PE6. Before my trip I prepared some craft supplies with the intention of making some art for my bedroom wall. What I did not prepare for was the intense but uplifting introspection that the mush would cause.. I ended up writing pages of poetry rather than making art. I don't normally find writing comes very easily to me, but the mushrooms helped me explore my thoughts with fresh eyes (or maybe a fresh brain lol). I am feeling thankful for the wisdom I received. 

I'm not sure if the poetry is any good.. but I don't think it really matters! I am just so happy to have a new way to tap into my creativity. 🙂 I'm gunna take the remaining 2 grams soon and try to make that artwork for my wall lol.  

Funny Beaver
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I tend to find my creative outbursts come AFTER the very large doses I do. I can't get anything done on any psychedelic (except personal growth I suppose) until after its all over anyways specially at doses that boost creativity post trip.

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I second you Funny Beaver, I am pretty useless when on mushrooms, but usually some thought pattern I experienced during the journey propels me to be creative in the following days!