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I have had two trips (2g each) of golden teachers. Wow -- they are accurately named as that is exactly what it was. I did both on an empty stomach and within the first 10 minutes, I just felt purely happy.

Around 50 minutes is when things started to kick in. I did not enjoy the tipping point as it made me feel a bit nauseous, but once that cleared it was all amazing.  

I got exactly what I wanted out of both trips. The 1st only lasted 3 hours, but the 2nd was 5. 

Mild, but hilarious visuals, that came in waves. The 1st time I just relaxed watching TV and characters were either missing facial features, or looked like Picasso paintings. One character turned cell shaded and had ridiculous proportions. The 2nd time I went outside with the dog and just enjoyed the backyard. Animal fur looked more like feathers. 

But wow, as far as helping with mental health, I got to deal with a lot of issues. And it was like music lyrics and words and voices on TV would speak to me exactly when I needed to hear certain things. It was like "here is this message for you." It was  completely surreal and just filled you with encouragement. For example, if I left the room for a minute, I would come back and at the right moment in a song, or TV show and the message would be just what I needed to hear. 

There were a couple times on the 2nd trip, where it felt like I willed things into being. For example, as you can imagine trying to put a harness on a cat while tripping balls would be difficult. In my mind I would just be like "well there it is all set" and it was connected fine and ready to go. I got mosquito blood all over my shorts and put it under the tap. When the blood wouldn't wash out, I just said "oh there it goes" and the blood would just vanish. It was crazy. There were a few other things like that.  

After both trips, I just felt good. Like myself again. I felt taller, more confident and clear. Both times I had a hard time sleeping, because of how good I felt.

I have 3g left and I am saving that for my vacation. I will be taking them at the beach. Can't wait. 

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thanks for sharing your first 2 trips, I absolutely can agree with you on feeling taller, more confident and sure of the decisions and life I live after a session. Even when going about doing routine things while on mushrooms I feel like whatever I am going through is what is meant to be. I used to be religious growing up due to family upbringing, but I am not anymore. The sensation of the mushrooms telling me everything is all-right is should really be some sort of religion within my-self. 

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I am having my first "trip" tonight with two family members. Does anyone have a drink with them? or is that a big no-no? And, does anyone just take them and go to bed? I am single (live alone) Thanks in advance 🙂