What is a Trip Sitter 

The psychedelic culture is filled with various practices that might confuse a novice consumer. If you are new, you have probably heard about trip sitting, among other terms. A trip sitter refers to an individual who helps a person taking psychedelics, such as magic mushrooms and LSD, navigate through the experience. Such drugs are known to cause negative effects when taken under the wrong set and setting. A tripper acts as the barrier between a seamless experience and a full-blown negative one.

A sitter needs to be fully aware of the substance being consumed, but they do not necessarily need to have consumed it before. They need to know the dosage taken, expected effects, how long the trip will last, and signs that indicate things are not going as they should. This makes it easy for them to answer questions that the tripper might have during the trip. Additionally, knowing the drug and its effects places them in a better position to assure the tripper that everything will be okay. 

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What Role Does a Trip Sitter Play During a Psychedelic Trip? 

Before the trip

Key factors to consider for a successful trip are the set and setting. A trip sitter needs to ensure that the tripper is in the correct state of mind – no stress, worries, expectations, or fears. They assure the tripper that they will be there for them throughout and to let go as opposed to controlling the experience. The sitter selects an environment that the tripper considers safe and familiar. They select the music, light settings, and temperature to match the needs of the tripper. This helps the tripper minimize the fear and makes them more open to the experience. 

This is the ideal time to set the ground rules on what is allowed during the trip and what is not. The sitter also discusses the steps to be taken in case of emergencies. As for the tripper, they can let the sitter know what they require from them during the trip; do they want an interactive session where guidance is offered or a quite time to experience the magic mushrooms or other drugs. 

During the trip

As agreed before the trip, a sitter will either help with meditation and visualizations or let the tripper experience the shrooms independently. The presence of a trusted sitter is enough to facilitate a seamless experience. It also helps the tripper be comfortable enough to explore the shrooms’ effects further. The sitter ensures that the tripper remains hydrated, answers any questions, and assures them in case of any arising concern or fear. 

In the case of a bad trip, the sitter will help steer the fear away to avoid escalating the situation. They need to know what they can handle and what situation needs intervention from medical practitioners. Experiencing a bad trip is rare unless one takes a higher dosage than the body can handle or if you take the shroom under the wrong set or setting. A good trip is a powerful, life-changing experience that can help a tripper attain new insights or alter their belief system. 

After the trip

A sitter’s role may extend after the trip by helping the tripper integrate or understand what happened during the trip. This may happen immediately after the trip or later on.

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