Magic mushrooms can deliver a range of sensational physical and mental effects. With that said, the intensity of your trip and the kind of effects you’ll experience will largely depend on your dosage. Some users may prefer to stick with low or moderate doses of shrooms to get used to the effects of psilocybin. But if you want to experience the full potential of psilocybin, it’s all about macrodosing.

Macrodosing entails taking a high dose of shrooms to ensure you experience a strong psychedelic trip. Not to be confused with microdosing, which involves taking a low dose to experience subtle effects, macrodosing is the best approach for users who want a seriously strong and potentially life-changing high.

As long as you know what to expect and how to handle the effects, macrodosing can be an extremely rewarding experience. Many users find that taking high doses of shrooms helps tackle issues such as anxiety and depression. Others find that tripping on shrooms helps them connect with their spiritual side. Whichever way, it’s an incredible experience.

But if tripping on magic mushrooms interests you, you’ll need to know how to prepare, how much to take, and what to expect from your trip. Here’s your guide to macrodosing magic mushrooms.

When Should You Macrodose Magic Mushrooms?

When taking magic mushrooms, not everyone’s goals are the same. Some people prefer to experience the subtle benefits of psilocybin without tripping and hallucinating. Others simply want to get the most intense psychedelic experience possible. So when should you macrodose magic mushrooms?

Macrodosing refers to the approach of taking high doses of magic mushrooms – usually around 3 to 3.5 grams. Naturally, this will give you a much stronger trip than you’d get from microdosing magic mushrooms. The effects will be more prominent, the trip will likely last longer, and you’ll even experience certain effects that you wouldn’t from lower doses.

As such, you should only take a macrodose of magic mushrooms when you’re prepared for a strong psychedelic trip. The trip may involve strong auditory and visual hallucinations and a warped sense of reality. You might lose track of time and may even forget where you are. With that said, many users report that macrodosing magic mushrooms can induce spiritual and life-changing experiences.

If you’re not used to high doses of psychedelics, it’s best to take a lower dose of shrooms before macrodosing. If you’re taking a high dose for the first time, it helps to have a friend or “sitter” with you. They can guide you through your trip and ensure that you feel happy and positive throughout – this can help prevent you from having a bad trip.

How Much Should You Take?

Another common question when it comes to macrodosing magic mushrooms is exactly how much you should take. Psilocybin mushrooms are extremely strong and even a single gram can give you prominent effects. Users who want a microdose take less than a gram for mild effects, but if you’re looking for a macrodose, you’ll want a much stronger dose.

Generally, 3.5 grams of dried magic mushrooms is the recommended dosage for a classic psychedelic trip. In other words, taking this much will ensure you experience the gamut of effects offered by magic mushrooms. You’ll hallucinate, lose track of time, and may even find yourself feeling enlightened after.

However, this isn’t a strict rule. The ideal dosage can depend on various factors, including your tolerance levels and how powerful you want your trip to be. Some users may prefer to take 2.5 or 3 grams to get used to tripping. Seasoned users may even want to take over 3.5 grams – this is often referred to as a heroic dose and isn’t recommended unless you’re experienced with psychedelics.

You might even want to take a slightly lower dose. Instead of taking a typical macrodose of 3 to 3.5 grams, you might want to take 1 or 2 grams to get used to the effects of psilocybin. This can help prepare you for higher doses while still giving you a powerful and enjoyable psychedelic experience.

When Should You Macrodose Magic Mushrooms

What To Expect From A Moderate Dose (1 – 2 grams)

If you don’t want to jump straight to a classic psychedelic trip, you might want to experiment with moderate dosages of magic mushrooms. When you take 1 to 2 grams of shrooms, you’ll experience much stronger effects than you’d get from microdosing. However, they won’t be quite as intense as you’d get from slightly higher doses.

Taking 1 or 2 grams can help invigorate your mind and spur on all kinds of creative and introspective thoughts. Some users might even find that it helps them create art and music. It can also heighten your senses – colors will appear more colorful, sounds and smells will be more vivid, and so on.

You might experience some mild hallucinations, such as colors appearing in the corner of your eye. However, these are unlikely to be too prominent or overwhelming. You’ll likely feel somewhat mentally hazy, but you won’t be quite as out of touch with reality as you would with a higher dose.

Some people compare taking a moderate dose of shrooms to the kind of high you’d get from cannabis. It’s incredibly cerebrally stimulating and many users find that it helps their mood and boosts their creativity. With that said, you won’t feel completely out of your senses and the trip can be quite easy to manage.

What To Expect From A Macrodose (3 – 3.5 grams)

Taking low to moderate doses of psilocybin mushrooms can help you prepare for stronger effects. When you’re ready for a typical psychedelic trip, it’s best to take around 3 to 3.5 grams. Slightly lower dosages can work for some users – those with lower tolerance levels may find that taking 2 to 2.5 grams induces strong and enjoyable effects.

Macrodosing magic mushrooms can induce an array of incredible effects. Like with lower doses, your mood will be enhanced, you’ll become more introspective, and your senses will be heightened. However, all of these effects will be taken to the extreme. You might start to think you can feel sounds and smell colors.

Many users compare a shroom trip to a life-like dream. The world will feel more vivid and exciting, and you’ll see and hear things that aren’t real. Your thoughts will be rapid and unfiltered. Many people come to life-changing realizations during a shroom trip. Many users also describe the experience as spiritually enlightening.

The entire trip usually lasts for around 4 to 6 hours with effects peaking around 60 to 90 minutes after consumption. Some users report tripping for as long as 8 hours. You might even feel subtle residual effects for up to 12 hours. However, as long as you remain in a good state of mind, your trip will be positive and rewarding.

How To Avoid A Bad Trip From Magic Mushrooms

The effects of macrodosing magic mushrooms can be particularly intense. Since your trip often reflects your mood, anxiety and negative thoughts can often lead to a bad trip. A bad trip can involve uncomfortable thoughts, feelings, and hallucinations. Fortunately, you can take steps to avoid a bad trip.

Having a sitter helps. A sitter is simply a friend who watches over you as you embark on your magic mushroom trip. They can keep you occupied by talking to you, reassuring you, and lifting your mood when it looks like you’re panicking. This can help keep you in a positive mood and ensure your trip goes well.

It also helps to prepare for your trip properly. Taking lower doses of shrooms before macrodosing can help you get accustomed to the effects of psilocybin. You should also make sure you’re in an environment where you feel happy, safe, and comfortable before you take magic mushrooms.

While it can be hard to control your thoughts and emotions while you’re tripping, try to remember not to panic. Much like a dream, nothing can hurt you and you can avoid it becoming a nightmare as long as you remain calm and go with the flow of your trip. Even if you occasionally experience uncomfortable thoughts or freaky hallucinations, you’ll generally come out of your trip feeling mentally refreshed and enlightened.

How To Macrodose Magic Mushrooms

How To Macrodose Magic Mushrooms

While eating dried shrooms is probably the most common way to macrodose magic mushrooms, it’s not the only approach. There are various effective methods of consumption and you might want to experiment with a few to see which one suits you the best.

Eating Dried Magic Mushrooms – Eating dried magic mushrooms is the most straightforward way to consume them. You’ll need to chop up your magic mushrooms and weigh them to ensure you get the right dosage. Once you’ve measured your macrodose, simply chew and swallow the shrooms and wait for the effects to kick in.

Making Magic Mushroom Tea – Although eating dried shrooms is quick and easy, it also leaves a bitter, unpleasant taste in your mouth. As such, many people prefer to brew their dose of shrooms in hot water before infusing it with tea and flavorings. Adding lemon juice to your magic mushroom tea can also speed up the onset of effects.

Using Magic Mushroom Capsules – Magic mushroom capsules are extremely convenient. Each capsule comes with a specific dose of magic mushroom extracts, so it’s easy to measure your dosage and simply swallow the capsules with some water. Many shroom capsules are designed for microdosing, but you can also find macrodose capsules.

Eating Magic Mushroom Edibles – You can also buy readymade magic mushroom edibles. These tasty treats offer a convenient and enjoyable way to get the effects of shrooms. Like capsules, each serving contains a microdose or macrodose of shrooms, making it easy to get the dosage you want.

Macrodosing vs. Microdosing: Which Is Better?

Macrodosing is the best way to get an intense psilocybin trip. With that said, this isn’t the best approach for everyone. Not everyone wants the strongest effects possible and, in many cases, macrodosing shrooms can be inconvenient as the effects will last for hours on end.

Microdosing is the opposite approach to macrodosing. It involves taking a particularly small dose of magic mushrooms to induce mild yet manageable effects. Taking 0.5 to 0.7 grams is enough for most users, but some take even lower doses of 0.1 to 0.4 grams to make the effects even milder.

When you microdose shrooms, you’ll still experience mood-boosting and creativity-enhancing effects. However, you won’t hallucinate, lose touch with reality, or feel out of commission. On the contrary, many people take a magic mushroom microdose every few days to keep their creativity and mental focus at their best.

So microdosing vs. macrodosing – which is best? The answer depends on what kind of experience you’re looking for. When you’re looking for a long-lasting or life-changing trip, macrodosing magic mushrooms is better. For mild yet beneficial effects, microdosing is the best approach. You might even want to try both.

Where To Buy Magic Mushrooms

When you’re buying magic mushrooms, it’s crucial to get them from a trustworthy seller. That way, you can ensure you get safe, high-quality products. Fortunately, getting your hands on shrooms in Canada is now easier than ever – you can buy magic mushrooms online from Magic Mushrooms Dispensary.

Dried magic mushrooms are available in various strains and quantities. You can choose to try some of the most popular strains out there or try unique strains for a new experience. You can also choose whether you want a small amount to last you for one or two trips or stock up on a larger amount to ensure your shrooms last for a while.

You can also macrodose shrooms with products such as handy magic mushroom capsules and tasty magic mushroom edibles. Conversely, you might want to microdose shrooms by using these same products albeit with much lower dosages in each serving. All of these products are available for safe, discreet delivery across the country.

Where To Buy best Magic Mushrooms


Microdosing magic mushrooms may be all the rage for those who want subtle mood-enhancing and creativity-boosting effects. But macrodosing magic mushrooms is the best approach for psychonauts looking to embark on intense psychedelic trips.

Luckily, whether you want to macrodose or microdose magic mushrooms, you can buy everything you need online. From magic mushroom strains to convenient shroom edibles and capsules, you can order everything you need from Magic Mushrooms Dispensary.

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