What Is Macrodosing And How Do I Go About It

Macrodosing is the art of taking moderate doses of psychedelic substances, in this case, magic mushrooms, for spiritual uplifting, recreational reasons, or to tap into its therapeutic potential. The doses are usually high but not enough to trigger a full psychedelic trip.

Macrodosing is not new; it was prevalent in the 60s and 70s before the war on drugs intensified. As psychedelics made a big comeback, more people are interested in their benefits.

In recent years, microdosing has taken over psychedelic culture. Microdosing involves taking very low doses of psilocybin or psilocin to benefit from its mind-unlocking capability without experiencing full-body effects.

Macrodosing differs from microdosing in that the shroom dosage is slightly more potent. The effects of macrodosing include mood elevation, mild visual hallucinations, reflective thoughts, and feelings of being more alive, free, and liberated. With macrodosing, one does not experience a full trip. It can be described as the middle ground between microdosing and taking a museum or moderate dose.

What’s the correct dosage for macrodosing on magic mushrooms?

The magic mushrooms’ potency depends on a few factors, such as species variety, shroom origin, cultivation conditions, fresh or dried, and the harvest period.

Whether you prefer to take edibles, raw/dried, or capsules, at Magic Mushroom Dispensary, we recommend the following doses;

  1. Microdose: 50mg to 250mg
  2. Mini dose / Macrodose: 250mg to 750mg
  3. Museum dose: 500mg to 1 gram
  4. Moderate dose: 2 grams to 3.5 grams
  5. Mega dose: 5 grams or more

This is sufficient to provide you with a three to six hours-long experience. Taking higher doses than this is not recommended, especially for newbies. The best way to enjoy macrodosing is by taking a manageable dose that doesn’t cause a full psychedelic trip.

How can I tap into the benefits of macrodosing?

Macrodosing is an art that requires a lot of research and dedication to perfect. The first step is to do thorough research on macrodosing with magic mushrooms. If you are an amateur, take the least amount of the recommended dose and wait at least 30 minutes for the effects to set in before taking an additional dose.

Always have the right mindset before taking magic mushrooms. Whether it be friends or a ‘sitter,’ the company you have should be one that you trust. They should be knowledgeable about consuming mushrooms. It would also help if you read about a bad trip and how to overcome one

Go with the flow, relax, and let your mind wander. You can include a playlist of your favourite songs to create the ideal atmosphere. Always keep fluids around to ensure you stay hydrated throughout. Enjoy the experience.

You will experience a deep understanding of the mental and spiritual issues hindering you from becoming the best version of yourself. Working on those issues while on and off the shrooms can help improve the quality of your life. The whole experience provides some users with more profound clarity, while others experience a spiritual awakening.

What are the benefits of macrodosing with magic mushrooms?

Magic mushrooms have been associated with several therapeutic benefits, including and not limited to depression, anxiety, cluster headaches, OCD, and weaning addiction from nicotine and other drugs.

Enjoy your macrodosing journey by purchasing top-notch products from Magic Mushrooms Dispensary. Our wide range of products ensures that we have something for everyone.

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