5 Things To Do While High on Shrooms

Engaging in fun, memorable and wholesome activities during your time in space mode could make the whole experience more impactful. If you find yourself caught in a repetitive loop of activities, then this article may be your way out. It introduces five creative, physically and mentally stimulating activities that you can do alone or with friends. Let’s begin!


Watch shroom-inspired movies

When you watch movies while on a psychedelic trip, they seem more captivating, inspiring, and dazzling. Interestingly, they may make a big impact on your overall experience.

Movies like Fantastic fungi, Magic medicine, and Have a good trip are likely to provide the ideal mental, visual, and audio stimulation to sponsor a purposeful experience. Avoid horror films like the ‘shrooms movie’ might worsen any hallucinations you might be experiencing.

Tip: Choose a movie that goes hand in hand with your set and setting. Checkout Must Watch Films, Documentaries & Videos for Shroom Lovers.



Stretching is one of the integral physical activities you must try while high on shrooms: in fact, it is something we ought to do on or off magic mushrooms. When you stretch, the muscles in the body loosen up and release all the tension. This leads to a more liberated and less stiff version of yourself.

Stretching also allows you to fix your posture by realigning your body. This facilitates better breathing and a healthy spine.

You can do your stretches anywhere and anytime, so do not limit yourself. Ensure you make the best out of your trip.


Thought-provoking conversations

Humans are innately social creatures, and there is no better way to socialize than holding a conversation with our peers. With mushrooms, good chats can help elevate your high as it stimulates your out-of-the-box thinking capability.

While high, it is nearly impossible to predict all our actions and words, so it is always interesting to go with the flow and see where the conversation leads us.


Painting or writing

A psychedelic high is characterized by heightened creativity and having a fresh perspective. Consequently, when you take a pen or a paintbrush, you will likely write or paint a masterpiece (or something close to one).

You can get your inspiration from almost anything: a post on Instagram, a trending thread on Twitter, a phrase used by a friend, your house plants, or even an odd visual diagram. The possibilities are endless so let your creative juices flow freely.



Camping is never included in the plans of a number of people. This can be due to fear of the outdoors or the unknown. Fortunately, modern-day man has introduced glamping for anyone who seeks the thrill of the outdoors while still enjoying the amenities like electricity and hot baths.

Camping while high on psychedelics can turn out to be the best experience of your life. If you love the outdoors, camping is the perfect activity to engage in. You can go with family, friends, or colleagues that you trust and feel comfortable around.

Take hikes, observe the birds as they chirp, lie down and observe the stars, or make a campfire and sit around holding deep or meaningless conversations. Whichever way, the memories you make will be unforgettable.


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