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Shrooms to go with your trip to Quebec? Oui monsieur! Canada’s largest province deserves a toast, and what better way to celebrate your time there than tripping on the finest magic mushrooms you can lay your hands on? Whether you spend time walking through its beautiful green parks or watching some of the best shows Broadway has to offer, we promise Canada’s only French speaking province will never disappoint.


Reasons to buy magic mushrooms in Montreal, QC, Canada

Montreal QC Canada

Canada’s second most populous city is an ideal setting for your next psychedelic experience. There’s almost no limit to the beautiful sights to take you can enjoy in this glamorous city of 1.9 million people. A visit to Vieux-Montreal, the oldest part of the city, would be a great place to start. No doubt you’ll enjoy its adorable Pairsian-like old buildings, some dating back to the 17th century. In fact, some of the city’s original foundations and streets preserved in the Pointe-à-Callière museum. If you adore nature, then you’ll love a walk through Mont Royal Park, the lungs of this cosomopolitan city. From one of its peaks you’ll be able to see a wonderful panorama that includes the Island of Montréal and the St. Lawrence River.  Other notable places to see are the Jardin Botanique, Montreal’s resplendent botanical garden, as well as the Notre-Dame Basilica, Montréal’s oldest church. For some street art, which Montreal is renowned for, you can view some the city’s most impressive murals walking along Saint Laurent Boulevard or Saint Denis Boulevard.


Reasons to buy shrooms in Quebec City, QC, Canada

Quebec City QC Canada

If you’d like to include old historical buildings, art and fine dining in our next magical shroom trip, then you should be heading to Quebec City. Though smaller than Montreal, there’s certainly no shortage of wonderful places to see starting with the Old Quebec, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You’ll also like seeing Quebec’s European architecture and fortifications as you walk through the town’s cobbled streets and catch glimpses of the imposing Château Frontenac. If you’d like to really spoil yourself, take a one-hour tour of the Old City on a horse-drawn carriage. You can also enjoy a breathtaking view of the whole city, by visiting the Observatoire de la Capitale, one of the tallest buildings in Quebec.  Other great places to see include  Montmorency Falls, the Ice Hotel, one of only two ice hotels in the world. Once you’ve worked up a good appetite try out Canada’s most famous cuisine, French Fries with gravy and cheese curds, otherwise known as Poutine.  Needless to say, all this would go down really will with a microdose of your favorite psilocybin capsules.


Reasons to buy magic mushrooms in Mont-Tremblant, QC, Canada

Mont Tremblant QC Canada

In the Laurentian Mountains of Quebec just a 1.5 hours’ drive from Montreal is Mont-Tremblant is a city best known for its wonderful all year round ski resorts. And if that’s not enough, you can also enjoy a visiting its highly acclaimed winter sports grounds, golf courses or strolling around its charming shopping village. If you’re into hiking and water sports, there’s always the vast Mont-Tremblant National Park, to the North of town, where you can also enjoy cycling, canoeing, or a relaxing activity like fishing. After a day’s skiing you enjoy a soak in one of a dozen or so spas in the area before heading to the Casino de Mont-Tremblant for a night of fun and action. Whatever it is you set out to do, we promise you’ll have the time of your life tripping on some high quality mushrooms.


Reasons to buy shrooms in Gatineau, QC, Canada

Gatineau QC Canada

Located just across the river from Ottawa is Quebec’s fourth-largest city, Gatineau. This cosmopolitan town of 200,000 people boasts a rich history and splendid architecture to go with it. While there, you can make a visit to the Canadian Museum of History, Gatineau’s main attraction and the most frequented museum in Canada. You’ll also want to include the National Gallery of Canada and Parliament Hill in your itinerary. For outdoor recreational activities, Gatineau’s park offers exhilarating sports like mountain biking, skiing and canoeing. If you’re more laid back then you’ll no doubt enjoy camping and bird-watching. There are also festivals to be enjoyed at different times of the year including Festival Country du Grand Gatineau, a country music festival held in August, as well as the Gatineau Hot Air Balloon Festival held in September. Be sure to carry some shrooms with you just for the occasion.


Reasons to buy magic mushrooms in Sherbrooke, QC, Canada

Sherbrooke QC Canada

Sherbrooke is a beautiful city located less than 2 hours’ drive from Montreal. Seated where Saint-François and Magog rivers converge, this city of 167,000 is famous for its sprightly sporting and cultural life, never mind the rugged terrain. It’s also the perfect place to go on a psychedelic trip. If you love the outdoor life, then there’s certainly no shortage of places you can visit, including the Mont-Orford National Park, the Bois Beckett forest and the Marais Réal-D. Carbonneau where you can go nature trailing.  For outdoor sporting activities you can hang out at the Parc Lucien-Blanchard, a great place to go cycling or kayaking there during summer. For a more quiet and contemplative time, a visit to the Sherbrooke Museum of Fine Arts would be a good way to spend your day.


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