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Alberta, here we come! Home to the Rockies and Dinosaur Provincial Park, a UNESCO world heritage site, Canada’s fourth-largest province by area deserves something to keep its ever friendly population buzzing. And we’ve got just the thing. Our wide assortment of carefully selected Alberta mushrooms is sure to be the perfect complement as you tour of this great province and take in its wonderful sights and sounds.

Enjoy your magic mushrooms in Calgary, AB, Canada

Calgary Alberta Canada Magic Mushrooms

Welcome to Calgary, nicknamed Cowtown for its love of the rodeo. Home to the Calgary Flames and well-known for its close proximity to the Rocky Mountains, Alberta’s largest city is definitely the place to be if you’re impressed by huge skyscrapers or attractive tourist spots like the Prince’s Island Park. Being Canada’s oil hub, Calgary boasts a robust economy and is a great place to live in and enjoy your Alberta shrooms. We promise you’ll never have a dull moment while out and about in this cosmopolitan city as you sample our wide assortment of magic mushrooms.


Have some magic mushrooms on the go in Edmonton, AB, Canada

Edmonton Alberta Canada Magic Mushrooms

If you love a good game of ice hockey and are a fan of outdoor activities, then Edmonton is definitely the place to be. Renowned for its breathtaking river valley park system, Edmonton is a splendid place for all kinds of recreational activities including visiting Fort Edmonton Park where you can try living life as an early pioneer. Then again, if shopping malls are more of your kind of thing, we guarantee you’ll enjoy spending time at the larger than life West Edmonton Mall. One thing’s for sure, there’s always something positive to do in Alberta’s capital city. Work hard, play hard is our advice, just be sure to have some magic mushrooms in hand to go with the occasion.


Sample our delightful shrooms in Red Deer, AB, Canada

Red Deer AB Magic Mushrooms

Located roughly halfway between Edmonton and Calgary is Red Deer, Alberta’s third most populous city. This city of 100,000 plus residents boast the province’s great sporting achievements and has the memorabilia to show it. A trip to the Alberta Sports Hall of Fame & Museum where is one great way to spend time here, looking at the numerous artifacts on display, or playing interactive games like baseball. You can also commune with nature at the Kerry Wood Nature Centre as you do some bird watching. Whatever you’re idea of fun is there’s certainly no shortage of fun places to hang out when you’re buzzing on our high quality shrooms.


Treat yourself to our shrooms in Lethbridge, AB, Canada

Lethbridge Alberta Magic Mushrooms

There’s no question that shrooms and nature go hand in hand. So what better place to enjoy your psychedelic journey than in Lethbridge, southern Alberta? For starters, the famous Rocky Mountains provide a wonderful backdrop to setting you need for your shrooms trip. If that’s not enough, there’s always the plush Nikka Yuko Japanese Gardens to do some deep introspection. If you’re more into carnivals, there’s always the Whoop-Up Days, an annual event, where you can experience great live performances, got to the rodeo, or enjoy the rides. Crown it all with a helping of our golden teachers mushrooms, or whatever strain grabs your fancy.


Explore our magic mushrooms in Banff, AB, Canada

Banff Alberta Canada Magic Mushrooms

One of Canada’s most popular tourist destinations, Banff, is just the place to revel in an unforgettable shrooms trip. Nestled in the Alberta Rockies, this beautiful town just 1.5 hour’s drive from Calgary provides some wonderful outdoor activities that are sure to enhance your magic mushroom experience. When in Banff, you can enjoy its hot springs, go nature trailing on the Sulphur Mountain, or take a grand gondola ride as you catch some lovely sights of the Canadian Rockies. No matter what the activity, we promise you’ll have an even more epic experience when you include our delectable magic mushrooms on your menu.


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