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If you’re into diversity and all things natural, then Ontario is the place to be. This huge province of 14 million people is home to some of the most beautiful parks and forests, the Great Lakes and, of course, the magnificent Niagara falls. Rest assured you’ll never lack something interesting to do when visiting this area, and as long as you’ve packed your stash of magic mushrooms, we promise there’ll never be a dull moment.


Have some magic mushrooms on the go in Toronto, ON, Canada

Toronto ON Canada

Looking for the perfecting setting for your next mushroom trip? How about Toronto, a hub of business activity best demonstrated by its numerous skyscrapers where the big boys seal their deals. Toronto is also blessed with beautiful green spaces like the 400 acre High Park where you can enjoy nature trailing while high on our quality mushrooms. Or if you’re into film festivals and internationally-acclaimed food events, you can also put that in your to-do list while on tour in this dynamic metropolis. Don’t forget to catch some of the best views from the Colossal CN tower, or if you like some quiet time, visit the Royal Ontario Museum. The beach is always a great place to stop by, and you can crown it all by watching a Toronto Maple Leafs game while buzzing on some shrooms.

Enjoy your shrooms in Ottawa, ON, Canada

Ottawa ON Canada

Ottawa doesn’t really need any introduction, as Canada’s capital city’s natural beauty speaks for itself. Situated on Ottawa River, this metropolis of almost 1 million people boasts the most majestic buildings you can ever imagine. You’ll enjoy the seeing Victorian architecture at its finest, including buildings like Parliament Hill, the National Gallery of Canada among other cultural institutions. If you have a penchant for outdoor activities, there’s certainly no shortage of interesting things to engage in, whether it’s boating along Rideau Canal or white-water rafting on the Ottawa River. There’s also plenty to enjoy for food and beverage connoisseurs, participating in the Ottawa Beer Fest or the Capital Ribfest. Whatever catches your fancy, be sure to do while buzzing on our finest magic mushrooms.


Sample our delightful magic mushrooms in Niagara Falls, ON, Canada

Niagara Falls ON Canada

What better way to spend your time in Ontario than contemplating the Niagara Falls, Canada’s wonderful heritage, and a great wonder of the world? The self proclaimed “Honeymoon Capital of the World”  is the ideal place to fall in love again with shrooms, as you enjoy being one with nature. For a start you can take an elevator to see the worlds’ fastest falls from a nice vantage point, or watch as the dolphins, sea lions and walrus put on a great show at the Marineland Theme Park. If you’d like to try your hand at a game of poker at the Casino Niagara, or enjoy a magic show at the Greg Frewin Dinner Theatre. When the excitement has died down,  taking a walk along the promenade at the Cliffside park is always a good idea. Long story short, Niagara Falls is definitely the place to be for your next magic mushroom trip.


Reasons to buy shrooms in Mississauga, ON, Canada

Mississauga Ontario Canada

Neighboring Toronto on Lake Ontario, is Mississauga is a suburb that’s been growing in leaps and bounds. It’s certainly worthy of a visit by any self-professed psychonaut. And why not? Located on the shores of Lake Toronto, this city of just under a million folks can be the perfect backdrop for an epic magic mushroom journey seeing as there’s all sorts of fun activities to do here while shrooming. The city’s multicutural festivals are a definite must see, while ice rink skating in winter or shopping until you drop in the Mississauga’s huge malls should be pencilled in your diary. As for activities that are more related to nature, you’ll certainly enjoy going on a nature trail through the city’s parks and woodlands. For the ultimate serene experience try fishing at Credit River or pass by the Wahoosh Falls over Mullet Creek for the most breathtaking scenery.


Treat yourself to our magic mushrooms in Oakville, ON, Canada

Oakville ON Canada

Located halfway between Toronto and Hamilton, Oakville can be a great setting for your next psilocybin trip, especially if you just want to get lost in the crowd. This highly ranked city that’s part of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) has a lot of fine things to offer like a golfing at the Glen Abbey Golf Course, where you can also pop into the Canadian Golf Hall of Fame and learn about the history of golf in the country. There are also plenty of parks along Lake Ontario’s waterfront with a splendid view of the Lake. Be sure to drop by the Burloak Canoe Club and watch a canoe regatta. If there isn’t one going on you could always go canoeing or kayaking yourself. For those who love history, then  a visit to the Erchless Estate to learn about the Oakville’s founders would be a great way to spend your afternoon, as you take in the magnificent views of the manicured gardens there. Whatever your preference, we guarantee a shroomer like you is bound to have a great time in Oakville.


Explore our magic mushrooms in Hamilton, ON, Canada

Hamilton ON Canada

If you love water fronts and their calming effect, then a trip to Hamilton will definitely be worth your while. Ontario’s port city has many interesting places to visit especially if you’re a psychonaut looking for a new adventure. There’s always an interesting activity going on at Bayfront Park, whether it’s a music festival, roller skating or latin dancing. For nature lovers, you can go hiking in Tews and enjoy a spectacular view over the town of Dundas. A trip to the Royal Botanical Gardens should also be part of your itinerary. For Art and history lovers a visit to the Art Gallery of Hamilton or Dundurn Castle will be more than a satisfactory way to spend your day in Hamilton. Just don’t forget to take some of your favorite shrooms with you during your visit there.


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