Parenthood comes with its set of challenges, especially for women. The process of childbirth causes a lot of trauma for the women, which may lead to weeks, months, or years of mental instability. Childbirth trauma affects more than 45% of women. This means that the issue is more serious than most would like to admit. The women have sought different forms of treatment, the major one being psychedelics. 

This piece examines the effectiveness of microdoses of magic mushrooms and other psychedelics in combating childbirth-associated trauma. Are they effective? How do they help? Are they safe? Read more to find the answers to these questions below. 

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What is Childbirth Trauma? 

During and after childbirth, a woman may experience distress that may affect her physically, emotionally, and psychologically. This may lead to anxiety, helplessness, PTSD, and depression. 10%- 15% of women experience PTSD resulting from a difficult delivery. Additionally, the sudden changes brought by having a baby may interfere with a mother’s mental state. To say the least, mothers require numerous support during this process, and this is where magic mushrooms and other psychedelics come in. 


Can Psychedelics Help with the Trauma Associated with Childbirth?

There is a new trend of women taking psychedelics to help cope with trauma. According to anecdotal evidence, magic mushrooms, Ayahuasca, LSD, ketamine, and MDMA can help combat stress, depression, and PTSD. The drugs promote relaxation, a clear mind, positivity and help them become more ‘present’ as parents. Psychedelics foster positivity, empathy and allow them to make decisions based on love and mindfulness. 

Psychedelics have been used since ancient times for various reasons. The shamans explore the ability of these substances to illuminate the soul and make it more visible. Psychedelics help promote mindful living, self-expression, peace of mind, and emotional stability. This explains why mothers taking microdoses of psychedelics report improved mental health and better relationships with their children, spouses, and other people around them. It helps them make better decisions, thus raising children in a stable environment. 


What Does Scientific Research Have to say bout Psychedelics and Childbirth Trauma?

According to a 2018 study, psilocybin can help combat anxiety while promoting focus. The study concluded that small doses (microdose) of magic mushrooms foster interpersonal relationships and make it easier for consumers to connect and emphasize with others. 

Another study conducted by scientists from the John Hopkins Institute showed that psilocybin could effectively treat anxiety and depression. A follow-up indicated that 54% of the consumers experienced no signs of depression four weeks after the study. 

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