920: Magic Mushroom Day

September 20th (9/20) marks International Magic Mushroom Day. The date is befitting since it is characterized by the start of autumn, when there are plenty of magic mushrooms in bloom.

This is the designated day to celebrate the myriad of therapeutic and recreational benefits that magic mushrooms offer, plus the advancement of science on the wondrous fungi. 

When people hear of 420, they quickly associate it with cannabis, so when magic mushroom advocates came up with 920, they hoped it would some day become synonymous with magic mushrooms. Over the years, more and more people have joined the movement and 920 has been considered a success by many. Magic mushrooms are celebrated across globally in large part due to the 920 movement spreading public acceptance and acknowledgement of the many medicinal benefits of this amazing fungi.

happy 920

History of 920

The 920 movement is still new. Unlike the 420 holiday, which was founded in the 70s. Magic Mushroom Day was created in 2015 by Nicholas Reville, a vocal magic mushroom advocate. 

The day is dubbed “Education Day of Action,” It seeks to change how people and policymakers view magic mushrooms by debunking the myths, misinformation, and stereotypes associated with the fungi. Ultimately, it aims to shift public perception and government policies to favor the research and medicinal use of magic mushrooms. 

How can you celebrate 920?

Unlike cannabis, you cannot consume magic mushrooms daily. They provide therapeutic benefits which can are noticeable when done once or twice a month unless when microdosing. Small doses of psilocybin can be taken twice or thrice a week to offer therapeutic benefits without fully tripping on a macrodose.


Below are some of the ways you can celebrate 920:

Tripping or starting a microdosing regime

You can honor the day by tripping on magic mushrooms. This can be done indoors or outdoors. Since it is a special day, camping would make an ideal activity to engage in. You can do this with your friends or people from the psychedelic community near your location. Remember the psychedelic movement motto: find the others. 

If you have never taken shrooms before, but you are curious about its numerous therapeutic benefits, 920 is the perfect time to start your regime. Microdosing on shrooms allows one to benefit therapeutically without tripping. 


Magic mushroom movie-themed day

Explore the art of film as you enjoy various psychedelic documentaries, movies, and presentations. This way, you get to celebrate the day while still learning something new about magic mushrooms. Some good films include Magic Medicine, Have a Good Trip, The Mycology of Psilocybin Mushrooms, and Little Saints. 


Attend a psychedelic research talk

As mentioned before, 920 was started to create awareness for amazing therapeutic benefits of shrooms and encourage favorable government regulations and policies. Every September 20th there are public talks hosted by various psychedelic-centered organizations and societies. 

Attending these talks allows you to directly participate in the movement while expanding your knowledge of the fabulous fungi that so many individuals have found beneficial and life changing.


Attending shroom cultivation workshops

There are numerous physical and online mushroom cultivation workshops that you can join. They will help you learn and improve your mycology skills. 


Take away

Though 920 is a relatively new movement, it is steadily growing. In the near future, the date will be synonymous with magic mushrooms across the globe. Vocal advocates will steer this psychedelic revolution in the right direction by pushing for the legalization of this highly therapeutic compound. 

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