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My Life Changing Moment with Mushrooms

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My Mushroom journey started when I was around 17 years old. I was with a bunch of close friends, we laughed out assess off and played in the parks. Nothing really life changing...

The third or fourth time I consumed was when I was in my mid 20s. I had 3 friends over for whom this was going to be their first mushroom trip. I thought I'd have my friends over at my place and we'd spend the Friday night doing shrooms and having a good time...

I don't remember exactly how much I ate, but it must have been between 2-3 grams for myself. At the time I didn't even know there were different strains, and it was never advertised to me as a certain strain, it was just magic mushrooms... We ordered a Brooklyn Pizza from Dominos (thin New York style pizza you must try!) and we added the measured out amount of mushrooms to our pizzas. It definitely helped with the taste...

Within the next hour we all started tripping, started laughing when we were together but then we'd have moments of going off on a walk around the house individually, a moment to trip out alone. 

One of the guys started staring into the knock down sealing and seeing patterns in the stucco, we all took turns looking at the Persian rug I had on the floor seeing patterns move... 

At some point in the night I went into a room where the music was playing, there was a single lounge chair on top of a soft circular shag rug... For some reason I did not seat on the lounger but on the floor and leaned against the chair. It felt more grounding to be on the floor. 

The music was what I'd describe as house/trance. Unintentionally I closed my eyes and spent a moment to listen and feel the music. This was a life changing moment for me. As soon as I closed my eyes, I started seeing patterns and colours that were unlike anything else in the world. Although my eyes were closed it felt like my eyes were completely open as I could see far and close and it did not feel dark and closed off. I cannot remember the exact songs but the lyrics and tunes really spoke to me. I could FEEL the music. 

As a young professional who went to school for bunch of years and then got started working for a firm to fulfill society's expectation of what a successful man was I never had time for feelings. I enjoyed music but I did not ever FEEL the music the same way I was feeling.

The combination of the infinite patterns I saw and the vibrations of the music through my body made me feel so grateful for my life. I started crying. I could not stop. I kept my eyes closed but continued to cry for approximately 30 minutes. Let's be clear, I was crying tears of joy, I was smiling but tears kept coming out... For a man in his 20s who does not have much feelings this crying was so powerful... The feelings of gratefulness for my life, for the safe world I live in, for the friends and people around me was just infinite. It was absolutely MEGA. Life was so beautiful at this point.

My friends came by to check up on me, I don't think they quite understood as it was their first trip and they took a little less than me. It became a funny scene, I wasn't offended, I kept crying, saying "Life if Beautiful".

The intense moments of gratefulness subsided over the coming hours, but the feeling I had in my heart will remain forever. I've read that many people report that taking mushrooms is one of the most significant experience in their life, kind of like having a child. I believe it. The feelings and sensations I had that night will forever be in my heart and mind. This was almost 10 years ago, but when I think back, I can go back to that moment and re-live the moment. As I type this out I am getting goosebumps because this memory is so fresh. 

I hope everyone in the world gets to experience this at least once in their life. 

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Wow! Incredible story. Thanks for sharing!


I've done shrooms many times, but haven't experienced something like that. Guess that means I have to eat more 🤣 

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Yeah, eat more. The emotional catharsis stuff really happens on the 3.5g+ type trips, its almost unavoidable. You can just put on some nice gentle music with accompanying 'peaceful videos' (waterfalls and rainbows.. just throw on a nature documentary without the sound) from YouTube and just have a nice fall apart about how beautiful everything is. I highly recommend this sort of trip. I think everyone who's suffered under Covid should probably do it if they are already familiar with the substances.

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