Ideally, every trip one experiences should be smooth, transformative, and pleasant. Unfortunately, certain factors may cause a bad trip, leaving you vulnerable and out of touch with reality. People consume hallucinogens for various reasons; some do it recreationally, others spiritually, while others do it to transform their lives for the better. Whichever the case, everyone hopes to go through the 4-6 hours of tripping without a hitch. 

Some people believe that bad trips can only happen when one consumes drugs like LSD and PCP. This is not the case as magic mushrooms and ecstasy can result in you ending up in the emergency room, especially when consumed under the wrong set and setting (mental state and environmental factors). This piece explores the factors and conditions that constitute a good trip and a bad trip and the differences.

simpsons good trip


What is a Good Shrooms Trip?

When taken in the proper dosage and under the suitable set and setting, magic mushrooms cause excitement, euphoria, uplifted moods, creative spark, visuals, and ego dissolution. A good trip can alter the course of your life by providing you with a renowned perception of people, things, and the world. Magic mushrooms are known to trigger emotional awareness, change our default mode, and support compassion, altruism, and empathy.


What Happens During a Good Trip?

During an ideal trip, you will experience a cerebral and body high that is powerful but not overwhelming. Time, colors, and shapes will be distorted but not scary. When you close your eyes, images of patterns, tunnels, etc. will flash, and you will have no control over them. The best thing to do is relax and let the experience control you. During ego dissolution, your innate perception and feelings about people and the world are changed, and the boundaries are broken. This leaves you in unity with people and the world in general.

simpsons bad trip


What is a Bad Trip?

A bad trip is when one experiences scary hallucinations, negative thoughts, and/or unpleasant sensations. This occurs when one takes magic mushrooms or any psychedelic drug in the wrong state of mind, having specific expectations, in the wrong environment where they dont feel safe, and refusing to let go. This may happen at the beginning of the trip or later on. 


What Happens During a Bad Trip?

A bad trip can be a scary experience for anyone. It is characterized by negative reinterpretations, paranoia, extreme hallucinations, and mood swings. Additionally, psychedelics can cause time dilation, making the consumer feel like the negative experience will never end. Fortunately, a magic mushroom-induced bad trip lasts for 4 to 6 hours, which is shorter compared to other drugs, such as LSD, which goes for up to 12 hours. 

Unfortunately, it is impossible to stop a bad trip. However, you or a sitter can take some measures that can help lessen the negative experience, such as;

  • Surrounding yourself with people you only feel safe around and stay in an environment you consider safe
  • Only take psychedelics when your mind is clear and free from thoughts that may trigger a bad trip.

If you ever experience a bad trip and feel like none of the suggestions highlighted above are working, walk to any clinic and seek medical assistance. Health practitioners can utilize medical interventions to reduce the effects of psychedelics. NEVER self-medicate, trying to counter the effects as it can lead to drug interactions or heighten the effects.


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