A psychedelic trip can either be recreational or purposeful. The majority of shroom consumers turn to the product for a life-altering experience that changes the course of their lives for the better. After the trip, one becomes more perspective, in tune with the surroundings, and open to foreign ideas, ideals, and opinions.

However, there are a series of events that might lead to a bad experience. With an experienced trip sitter, it is easier to overcome any unforeseen outcomes and have a smooth trip. On very rare occasions, one may need to end up in an emergency room.

To avoid such instances, you need to avoid the five mistakes that we have highlighted below:


1. Not Being Prepared

Before embarking on your psychedelic trip, ensure that you are imparted with the necessary knowledge on the ins and outs of shroom consumption. This is especially true if you are an amateur or casual consumer.

Ensure you know what is normal and what is not so that you can seek assistance at the right time. Research on the correct dosage that will allow you to achieve your intended results, look into the set and setting, and ways to heighten your experience.


2. Overlooking the Set and Setting

The set and setting refer to the consumer’s state of mind and the surroundings. Shrooms have a way of amplifying our innermost fears and emotions. If you trip on an unsettled mind frame, chances of experiencing a bad trip double, if not triple. Be mentally prepared for the trip and shake off any fears and doubts.

Additionally, where you trip and the company you choose play a significant role in determining how settled you will be during the entire journey. Choose a room you are comfortable in and adjust the lights and temperatures to an ideal setting. You could also trip outside as you enjoy nature. Take your time and choose a place that is free of people or any disturbance.


3. Mixing Shrooms with Other Mind-altering Substances like Alcohol

Combining shrooms and other substances like alcohol is a recipe for disaster. It is nearly impossible to predict the outcome and, in most cases, a bad trip is guaranteed.

To get the most from magic mushrooms, take them alone. This way, you can experience a full and uninterrupted trip. Substances like alcohol have been known to lower one’s inhibitions and impair judgement. You may also end up experiencing paranoia, nausea, and vomiting.


4. Forgetting to Stay Hydrated

Some of the side effects of tripping include dry mouth and cold sweats. To stay ahead of the situation, stay hydrated before, during, and after the trip. Every article on ‘having a good psychedelic trip’ emphasizes the need to drink plenty of water, and you shouldn’t take this lightly.


5. Not Having a Trip Sitter Around

A trip sitter is an individual who babysits the psychedelic consumer to ensure their trip is as smooth a possible. Their role includes assuring the consumer that everything is okay and ensuring that they are in the right set and setting to commence and complete the trip.

A sitter has substantial experience in psychedelic consumption and is usually someone that the consumer trusts and feels comfortable around.


Take Away

Avoiding these rookie mistakes will guarantee a safe, memorable and impactful psychedelic trip. Remember to let go of all distractions that may hinder you from attaining your full potential.


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