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Eating vs tea : question for the pro's

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I have done shrooms maybe 9-10 times in the last 2 years, but for the first time I tried the tea method and I have two questions for the pro's.

1) When you do the tea method, do you still need to eat the mushrooms? or is the Psilocybin 100% in the liquid?

2) does the tea method produce exactly the same strength? I found my 3g tea not as strong as if I would have eaten them raw.

thank you in advance to anyone who replies! 🙂

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Hi Seb,


1) It is optional to eat the mushrooms in the tea, I do believe you'll get more out of it if you eat, but from my experience it isn't a night and day difference. 

2) I find that consuming via tea doesn't produce as long of an effect. I'm guessing it has to do with how it is metabolized in our bodies (liquid vs solids). I find the strength is 10-15% less and the duration about 50% less. For example with 1 gram of Golden Teacher, I might be journeying for 3 hours if I ate the mushroom. If I made a tea with 1 gram of Golden Teachers I could peak and come back down within 1 to 1.5 hours. For a quick journey and mind refresh I do prefer the tea method.

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I am a total newbie and waiting for my first order to arrive. I am curious about teas, do you just crush the shrooms?

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I would recommend crushing the mushrooms slightly. Also note, the longer you steep the tea, the more potent the drink will be.