Magic mushrooms are a fascinating type of fungi that contain psychedelic chemicals such as psilocybin and psilocin. When consumed, these mushrooms can induce a range of fascinating effects, from relieving anxiety and enhancing creativity to delivering a full psychedelic trip. With that said, it’s important to know how to identify magic mushrooms if you want to use them.

There are many types and strains of magic mushrooms out there, each with different qualities. Some even share qualities with various species of non-psychoactive mushrooms, which can make them hard to properly identify. With that said, we have a few tips and methods to help you identify shrooms. Here’s a quick and easy guide on how to identify magic mushrooms.

1. Research Popular Magic Mushroom Strains

Identifying magic mushrooms isn’t as easy as looking at some growing fungi and knowing what kind of effects they induce. Many species of magic mushrooms have been identified, each with unique physical qualities. Even within each species of magic mushroom, there are various strains, meaning that one strain of psilocybe cubensis could be different from another.

As such, those who want the ability to identify magic mushrooms on the fly need to research them. Learning about different species and strains is a good start. Not only should you learn about the effects of each magic mushroom strain, but you should also learn about their unique appearances and physical qualities.

Fortunately, there are plenty of guides and resources online that can help you. For instance, you can read our guide on types of magic mushrooms. If you’re willing to rummage around libraries and bookshops, you can also find books and picture guides on different types of magic mushrooms.

2. Look At The Shape Of The Mushrooms

Each type of magic mushroom has a different appearance. As such, one of the first things you should look at is the shape of your shrooms. Many strains have distinctive shapes and, in some cases, it can be a dead giveaway when it comes to identifying them. For instance, Penis Envy magic mushrooms are known for their phallic shape.

The caps are particularly important when it comes to identifying different types of magic mushrooms. For instance, some types of magic mushrooms are known for having wavy caps. Others have flat, wide caps or narrow, conical caps. Learning about the different styles of magic mushroom caps can help you identify different strains.

The stems are also important. Some magic mushroom strains have thin, narrow stems or short, thick stems. In addition to the caps, these can help you differentiate between strains. However, keep in mind that many mushrooms have similar stems or caps. You also need to consider other factors, such as color.

Check The Color Of The Mushrooms

3. Check The Color Of The Mushrooms

Taking a close look at the shape of the stems and caps isn’t the only way to identify magic mushrooms. Sometimes, looking at the color of your mushrooms can be just as important. Some strains of magic mushrooms stand out due to their unique colors, such as Albino A+ magic mushrooms.

Other magic mushrooms don’t stand out as much but might still have some giveaways. For instance, some strains are known for having golden brown caps. Others have darker or lighter caps. Some even have strange colors and shapes, such as Enigma magic mushrooms.

Checking for bruising can also help. Some magic mushrooms are known to be sensitive to touch. As such, you can identify certain types of shrooms by gently touching the stem and seeing if it turns blue or purple.

4. Compare Images Of Magic Mushrooms

With so many types of magic mushrooms out there, it can be hard to identify each one. Even if you find a batch of mushrooms with a distinctive shape and color, you still can’t be sure if they’re magic mushrooms. Many people identify magic mushrooms by comparing the mushrooms they find to pictures of magic mushrooms online.

A simple Google search can often help you find images of magic mushrooms. However, it’s important to search for specific strain names. There are tons of different types of magic mushrooms out there and their appearance can differ drastically. You can also use expert resources such as books or websites dedicated to identifying shrooms.

Sometimes comparing images can help you identify whether you’ve found a particular magic mushroom strain. For instance, you might find a set of mushrooms with wavy, caramel caps and long stems. Comparing them to images of Wavy Caps can help you figure out whether they’re the same or simply a similar-looking species.

5. Buy Magic Mushrooms Online Safely

Even if you research shrooms, check them thoroughly, and use detailed resources, foraging for magic mushrooms is still very dangerous. Some types of magic mushrooms compare qualities with unsafe or even poisonous breeds of mushrooms. As such, it’s best to leave identification to the experts.

Fortunately, you can buy magic mushrooms online safely and easily without needing to identify them. Magic Mushrooms Dispensary offers a wide range of magic mushroom strains available to order. All of these are available for safe, discreet delivery to adults across Canada.

In addition to dried magic mushrooms, you can also find other shroom-infused products. For instance, you might want to try magic mushroom capsules or magic mushroom edibles. These products provide a convenient and easy way to get the effects of psilocybin. They also make it easier to manage your dosage.

Buy Magic Mushrooms Online Safely


With so many types of psychedelic mushrooms out there, it can often be hard to identify magic mushrooms. Many magic mushroom strains are known for having distinctive shapes or unique colors. Some can even be identified by checking their texture or checking for bruising. However, unless you’re a magic mushroom expert, it can still be tough.

The safest way to know what kind of magic mushrooms you’re consuming is to buy them from a trusted seller. You can now buy various types of magic mushrooms online safely and discreetly. For a wide selection of magic mushroom strains complete with detailed descriptions, visit Magic Mushrooms Dispensary.

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