Tripping on shrooms has become prevalent in modern culture for a myriad of reasons. The trip is known to foster enlightenment, spiritual awakening, mental clarity, and new perspectives. This experience can either be seamless or negative, depending on several factors. This piece covers five tips on how to have a smooth psychedelic trip. Let’s dive in…

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Be Prepared

Before embarking on the psychedelic trip, one must conduct thorough research on shrooms, the experience itself, and what is required. For example, a consumer needs to have a purpose for the experience; is it for spiritual, religious, personal development, or recreational purposes. 

One needs to know beforehand the range of physical and psychological effects that you may experience. It will be easier to roll with whatever comes your way and detect when things are not okay with this knowledge. Know the duration of the trip, the safest place to trip, and what actions to take when you experience a bad trip. 

Buy Psychedelics From a Trusted Source.

The psychedelic market is flooded with substandard products and working with a store that you can trust to deliver top-notch, safe products is paramount. Magic Mushroom Dispensary is a reputable online shop that sells an expansive variety of shrooms across Canada. 

Additionally, do not mix psilocybin with other drugs like alcohol or marijuana, especially if you are a novice consumer. This might lead to a bad trip that ends up with you in a hospital or lead to poor, regrettable choices resulting from lowered inhibitions. 

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Set and Setting

Be in the right frame of mind. Let go of any expectations you might have and let the experience control you rather than the other way round. Choose a safe, familiar environment that you can trip comfortably. If you plan to have a shared experience with friends, ensure they are people you can rely on in any situation. Additionally, having a sitter around helps keep things in check and assures you that you are in safe hands throughout the psychedelic trip. 

Do Not Take Psychedelics if You Have an Underlying Mental Condition.

Anyone with a mental condition or is from a family with a history of the same should avoid psychedelics completely. Drugs like psilocybin, LSD, MDMA have been known to trigger the symptoms of mental conditions, such as psychosis and bipolar disease. 

Stay Within Reasonable Consumption Limits.

One of the leading causes of a bad psychedelic trip is taking an excess dose of magic mushrooms. Consumers of psychedelics, especially novice ones, should avoid taking a megadose as it can lead to adverse effects like paranoia, excessive sweating, panic, increased blood pressure, and elevated heart rate. 

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Buying Magic Mushrooms in Canada

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