10 Rookie Mistakes to Avoid When Tripping on Magic Mushrooms

Just because magic mushrooms have a long history of safe use where fatalities from overdoses are virtually unheard of, it doesn’t mean they can’t give you a bad experience. To enjoy and get the maximum benefits from psychedelics you must approach them with respect.

Here are 10 mistakes a lot of newbies (and sometimes even experienced shroomers) make you’ll want to avoid:


1.    Tripping in the Wrong Setting

The place where you choose to consume your magic mushrooms is just as important as the dosage itself. If you’re tripping in an uncontrolled environment without professional supervision then you must do everything in your power to ensure that all sources of discomfort, distraction, or commotion are eliminated. You’re also less likely to have a bad trip if you’re in a safe, familiar and comfortable place like your living room or bedroom. You might also find it helpful to adjust the lights and ensure the place isn’t too warm or too cold. Playing some soft background music can produce some positive vibes.


2.    Over-consuming, especially edibles

Deciding on how much shrooms you should you take and measuring the quantities, can be a tricky question.  Our favorite saying here at Magic Mushrooms Dispensary is it’s always better to err on the side of caution. If you’re unsure and inexperienced, start slowly with a microdose of, say, 0.5g and then refill once you reach the peak. 2 to 3 grams of dried mushrooms is considered a full trip dose, and you don’t want to do a full dose when it’s your first time because you may not be able to handle the mushroom’s potency. If you’re taking edibles like chocolate choconauts or gummies, you should be really careful. The effects take longer to kick in but are more intense than those of dried mushrooms, so you need to wait things out before popping another gummy into your mouth.


3.    Tripping With the Wrong Company

Who you trip with is an important part of your set and setting. The best people to share your magic mushroom experience with are those who understand what a psychedelic journey means. They should be able to empathize with you during your periods of elation, or during your lows, like when you purge. Being in the company of noisy people who make fun of you when you experience discomfort is not only a waste of good shrooms, it could turn your experience into something nasty you’ll forever want to forget.


4.    Taking Shrooms with Alcohol or Other Drugs

Psilocybin mushrooms are highly potent, mind-altering substances. When taken in combination with alcohol, caffeine, or other hallucinogens, there can only be one outcome – disaster. Taking alcohol before or during your psilocybin trip can result in nausea, paranoia, panic attacks and even episodes of violence. Other drugs, especially synthetics, can produce even worse outcomes like a trip to the emergency room. Such reckless actions are what gives a wonderful drug like psilocybin a bad name, and you probably don’t want to do that. If you want to intensify your trip, take your shrooms in small increments. Eventually you’ll get the high you desire. If you’re going to mix shrooms with weed, make sure your timing is perfect, otherwise it could also result in a long bad trip.


5.    Being in the Wrong Mind Frame

Before taking magic mushrooms, make sure you’re in the right state of mind. Being positive and relaxed, rather than anxious about the experience can determine whether you have a great trip or a bad one. Mushrooms have a way of amplifying your worst fears, meaning any dark thoughts before you take the shrooms are likely to play out in the form of a bad trip.  If you’re already annoyed or anxious about something, reschedule your trip until you’re calm enough to handle the shrooms. Most importantly, don’t take magic mushrooms if you’re scheduled for an important meeting or job interview.


6.    Excessive Stimulation

It’s no secret that our brains become hyper-connected when we trip on magic mushrooms. Studies have shown that psilocybin has a way of disrupting the communication networks in our brains and reconnecting different regions that usually don’t talk to each other. This is what causes us to go through changes of perception like illusions, loss of sense of time and synaesthesia – hearing images and feeling sounds. If you’re in an environment where there are loud noises and very bright colors – like a night club, or out in the streets – this may overstimulate your already hyper-sensitive brain causing you to have a meltdown.  The best thing is to stay in-doors in a calm, relaxed environment.


7.    Not Hydrating Enough

It can never be said enough. Tripping and drinking water go together like peas and carrots. That’s because tripping does come with some side effects like having a dry mouth. You can also experience cold sweats during your trip and you’ll need to replenish the water that your body loses. It’s also advisable to take sugar containing drinks as they can lessen the intensity of your mushroom trip.


8.    Not Setting Enough Time Aside for your Trip

When going on your first psychedelic trip, there’s no such thing as being over-prepared. One of the most important aspects of your planning is ensuring you put aside everything else and create enough time to savour your trip. After all, a psilocybin trip lasts anywhere between 4 to 6 hours, so you want to be sure there’s adequate time for the effects to wear off. Free up at least 8 hours of your time and, if possible, do it on a weekend when you don’t have to report to work the next day. Feeling under pressure because you don’t have enough time to enjoy the trip can trigger feelings of anxiety and paranoia which will only ruin your trip.


9.    Tripping Without a Specific Intent

There’s nothing wrong with tripping purely for recreational purposes, but a trip that’s full of introspection is usually so much better. As Leo Zeff, a pioneer in the use of psychedelic therapy, put it: the quality of a trip is not determined by your experience that day but by your subsequent growth in the following months. Having a specific purpose for tripping before the event means you stand a greater chance of experiencing long term positive psychological effects compared to tripping just for the sake of it.


10. Not Drawing Lessons from Bad Trips

Although no one really wants to go through a bad trip, sometimes they can prove to be very beneficial. Bad trips are simply a reflection of your worst fears and could be a way of telling you there’s an emotional issue you need to deal with in your life. A lot of people usually write off bad trips as something to forget, rather than look at them as an opportunity to correct or at least confront something that’s gone wrong in your life. By using the come down from a bad trip as a period for deep reflection, we can turn this time into a profound moment of revelation about ourselves and use the lessons learned to improve on the next trip.


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