My New Life with Microdosing and Psychedelics

My New Life with Microdosing and Psychedelics

I grew up in the 80s and 90s where the only kind of mushrooms that I knew of were the kind you ate. Mushroom’s were for cooking, they most certainly were not for expanding your mind, or helping you with depression or creativity. I tried smoking weed in high school but it always gave me instant anxiety. I assumed because my body disagreed with weed so much it would be the same with magic mushrooms or LSD so I never experimented with either of them. The thought of having a bad trip was not an appealing experience.

Fast forward 2o years and I found myself burned out form working in the creative industry for the last decade. My job was to be creative and think outside the box and I just didn’t have it anymore, was I finished at 35? Then I started to hear and read about the powers of microdosing psychedelics and in particular psilocybin. Could this be it? Could these magic mushrooms get me out of my creative slump and back to who I used to be? I did my research and found a producer of microdose pills that contained lions mane and niacin two substances that when combined help with cognition. Having never ordered magic mushrooms off the internet before I was skeptical but process was painless and my microdose capsules arrived within a few days.

This being my fist time with psychedelics I didn’t know what to expect. I decided to go with the Dr.Fadimans approach. Dr. Fadiman recommends taking one microdose every 3 days so as to prevent changes in tolerance over time. He says, “the first day you feel great. The second day you would feel half of that. And the third day you won’t feel anything.”

Week 1: Mon/Thu/Sun
Week 2: Wed/Sat
Week 3: Tue/Fri
Week 4: Mon/Thu/Sun

There is also the Workaholics microdose approach which is geared towards someone looking to test microdosing for improvements at work. The schedule is Monday – Friday, and leaves weekends for recovery. There is also the Balanced microdose approach with is every other day. I figured Dr.Fadimans approach was the one for me and off I started on my microdosing magic mushroom journey.

At first I didn’t notice anything but slowly I started to feel extra limber—of body, mind and spirit. Physically, that manifested as an extra spring in my step, and a carefree bounce as I moved around my office. I dealt with stressful situations better, and reacted well to other people’s ideas. My memory recall was firing on all cylinders, even shocking my one co-worker into asking was this because of the magic mushrooms? It most certainly was. I continued to microdose magic mushrooms for the next year and I can honestly say they got me out of my creative slump and have me a new perspective not only professional, but personally. It didn’t solve all of my life’s problems, but it definitely made the days easier and provided me with a new lease on life.

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By Lauren on March 4, 2022

Cambodian Magic Mushrooms MMD

7 Facts About Magic Mushrooms

It wasn’t until recently that magic mushrooms grew in popularity across the globe. The current psychedelic renaissance has sparked enormous interest in the numerous benefits psilocybin has to offer. If you are a new lover of shrooms or are interested in learning more about this magic fungus, this piece covers seven fun facts about magic mushrooms.


7 Fun Facts About Magic Mushrooms

1. Psilocybin Cubensis is a species of mushrooms that contains psilocybin, a psychedelic compound that contains hallucinogenic properties. There are over 180 species of magic mushrooms, and each has varying potency. This name is a Greek translation of the English words ‘bald head’, which is in reference to the appearance of the brown caps.

2. Magic mushrooms are diverse and exceptionally resilient. They can grow in various habitats, including on animal feces, grass, wood, and gardens. Home growers can grow the fungus at home without much difficulty.

3. Magic mushroom culture is quickly evolving, and more people are more welcoming of the psychedelic. Also referred to as mushies, liberty caps, and boomers, shrooms can be found in various forms, including edibles, capsules, fresh or dried, and teas. The diversity allows consumers with different preferences to get access to their favorite fungi.

4. According to research, consuming shrooms may lead to more open-minded individuals. The trip induced by mushies can permanently alter one’s personality. Additionally, shrooms have numerous medical benefits. Studies indicate that magic mushrooms help individuals battling smoking addiction and alleviate mental conditions such as anxiety, stress, OCD, PTSD, and depression.

5. Shroom consumption and use in cultural/spiritual/religious ceremonies can be traced over 7000 years ago. Archaeological evidence shows shrooms and other psychedelics were used by Mayan and Aztec cultures. While modern science tries to explore the full potential of shrooms, shamans and other indigenous communities have kept the traditions alive and utilized shrooms in their rituals. Numerous resorts have on-site shamans that help people archive a higher understanding of the world and people around them with the help of magic mushrooms.

6. Magic mushrooms are not addictive. Despite the numerous speculations, scientific evidence has proven that shrooms pose no addiction or compulsive use threat. However, consumers stand to build up a tolerance due to regular use. Tolerance for any substance means a higher dose is required to achieve the experience once achieved on a lower dose. Consequently, consumers are advised to take it slow. Avoid regular use and stick to a reasonable dose.

7. A trip induced by magic mushrooms lasts between 4-8 hours. Set and setting are the primary determiners of how the trip will turn out. Set refers to a consumer’s mindset, while the setting relates to external factors, such as the environment (physical and social). Having the right set and setting guaranteed a seamless experience and zero chances of encountering a bad trip


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chocolate shroom edibles

3 Must-Try Shroom Edibles

Don’t like eating shrooms raw? We’ve got you covered with our tasty shroom edibles that will not only delight your tongue but will also give you a fantastic trip. Read on to learn more about shroom edibles, what they are, their health benefits, and our 3 must-try shrooms edibles.


What is a shroom edible?

Magic mushrooms grow naturally in the wild or it can also be cultivated in an indoor setup. They contain a compound known as psilocybin which has psychoactive and hallucinogenic effects. 

Some of the potential benefits of the shrooms include:

  • Reduce symptoms of depression.
  • Treat addiction. It relieves withdrawal symptoms such as anxiety, seizures, and nausea
  • Alleviate symptoms of a various psychiatric condition
  • Alleviate headaches

Shroom edibles are one of the popular ways of taking magic mushrooms. They refer to the different types of beverages, pastries, cakes, snacks, land foods that have been infused with magic mushrooms. Shrooms are diverted and can easily blend with a wide range of food items. In addition, there are ready shroom edibles products such as shroom gummies or chocolate you can start with if it is your first time taking shrooms.


How to consume shroom edibles

Taking shroom edibles is very simple-you consume them just like you do normal edibles. The only difference is that you have to check on the potency of the product. Shrooms edibles come in varying potencies so you need to check if the dosage fits your needs as a consumer. If you are into microdosing, you can take the smallest dose. This will allow you to unlock your full potential without experiencing an altered mind. 


What to expect after consuming a shroom edibles

After taking shroom edible, how you will feel depends on the amount of psilocybin contained in the food item.

Generally, taking shroom edibles will make you more aware of your emotions and alter your psychological functioning while providing you with calming effects. 


Here are the positive effects of consuming shroom edibles.

  • Reduce stress
  • It makes you emotionally stable
  • Enhance your conversational fluidity
  • Increase your creativity
  • Enhance meditation
  • Provide with more energy
  • Enhance resilience

While we offer many varieties of mushroom edibles, here are our must-try shroom edibles.


Dose Psilocybin Ritual Tea:

Dose Psilocybin Ritual Teas Main

This is a premium quality psilocybin tea that is fresh and organic. The good thing with dose psilocybin ritual tea is that it doesn’t contain artificial flavors or sweeteners. Each pouch contains one gram of Golden Teacher mushrooms and 2 grams of flavor-filled organic tea. You can make up to 2½ cups of tea with a single pouch. It is the best shroom edible to help you have a stable mood and an outstanding mushroom trip.

Check out our five-dose psilocybin tea blend options and purchase your desired blend.


Seremoni Psilocybin Chocolate Bar Edibles (Mint & Transkei Mushrooms):

Seremoni Psilocybin Chocolate Bar – Mint

This shroom edible has high cocoa content blended with Transkei Magic Mushrooms. It is worth a try, especially if you love cocoa bitterness. The taste is spiced up with some minty freshness. This is the best edible to share with friends, as you wait for a transformative trip. The chocolate bar contains 15 pieces that each hold 200 mg of psilocybin, making a total of 3mg for the entire bar. Remember to start low and go slow. You will experience the effects after 20 to 40 minutes. Buy this delicious shroom chocolate edible here.


Shafaa Macrodosing Magic Mushroom Dark Chocolate Edibles:

Shafaa Macrodosing Magic Mushroom Milk Chocolate Edibles Heal 2g

This is a shroom edible that gives you the perfect magic mushroom experience. It consists of Psilocybe Cubensis mushroom blended with GMO-free premium Belgium chocolate. Again, it doesn’t contain artificial flavors and hydrogenated oils. Each piece consists of 0.5g of psilocybin. The recommended dose for a 3–6-hour trip is 1g to 3.5g. Buy this delicious chocolate shroom edible here


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4 Proven Ways to Intensify your Magic Mushroom Trip

Shroom enthusiasts have for years been trying to find new, creative ways to enjoy their favorite psychedelic substances. When looking at online mushroom forums and resources, one will come across tons of myths, suggestions, and anecdotes on various ways to intensify, prolong, or improve the quality of a psilocybin-induced trip. This piece looks at four proven ways you can achieve all these. 


1. Take a Higher Dose of Shrooms

With time and regular use, a consumer’s body rapidly develops a tolerance to psilocybin. As a result, it becomes impossible for the consumer to experience the desired effects on their regular dose. To achieve optimum results and a more intense trip, one needs to increase the dosage reasonably. As a consumer, knowing and respecting your limit is paramount. Taking a higher dose than your body can handle can lead to negative side effects such as paranoia, sweating, confusion, vomiting, diarrhea, and coma.


2. Shrooms and Cannabis

Shrooms and Cannabis

Consumers are explorers by nature, and it’s not uncommon to find them combining psilocybin with other drugs. Mixing shrooms and cannabis has become increasingly popular. To many, this is the ultimate blend. Cannabis can either be taken before the shrooms or after. 

Nausea and sometimes vomiting are some of the effects associated with shroom consumption. Cannabis has potent antiemetic properties that combat these side effects, making the experience smooth. It also helps put the consumer in the right frame of mind, lowers their inhibitions, and makes them more willing to surrender to the psychedelic journey.

A trip lasts for 6-8 hours, and the effects slowly fade away within the last two hours. Taking cannabis on the 5th or 6th hour brings back the euphoria and visuals, which prolongs the trip considerably. 


3. Add some Citrus to the mix

citrus fruits

Citrus fruits like lemon, lime, and oranges have been used to intensify shroom trips for many years. Lemon tekking is popular and widely used by shroom psychonauts in Canada and beyond. According to science, citrus fruits act as a catalyst that speeds up the breakdown of psilocybin into psilocin. This leads to a faster onset and potent effects. 


4. Psychedelic Playlist

psychedelic music

Music makes everything okay and evokes emotions that we keep hidden deep. Having a trippy music playlist during your psychedelic journey could be the one thing that intensifies your experience and takes it to the next level. There are numerous playlists available online that can help you attain your tripping goal. Alternatively, you can work with a self-selected list of songs that promote peace and tranquility. 


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microdosing shrooms

Which Magic Mushroom Strains are Ideal for Microdosing?

Magic mushrooms contain the active compound psilocybin, a hallucinogenic compound known to alter a consumer’s state of mind. According to research, psilocybin is associated with a myriad of health and wellness benefits. This discovery has led to an increase in the number of individuals turning to magic mushrooms to improve certain aspects of their lives. A full psychedelic trip alters one’s perception, ideas, and beliefs. It strips them of their ego and makes them a better, more open, and conscious version of themselves. 

In recent years, microdosing on shrooms has become rampant across the US and Canada. The practice started in Silicon Valley and has quickly spread to other parts of the world. According to studies and anecdotal evidence, microdosing has numerous benefits like boosting productivity, focus, and creativity. It also helps combat stress, depression, and addiction and improves their overall mental well-being. 

Microdosing involves taking a fraction of a full psilocybin dose every two or three days. A fifth or tenth of a mega dose is enough to significantly impact the consumer without triggering psychoactive effects. Taking the shrooms daily builds up a tolerance, hence the need to skip one or two days before the next dose.

Online shroom shops like Magic Mushroom Dispensary have a comprehensive collection of microdose capsules. Each product is unique to the consumer’s needs: there are products for boosting creativity and productivity, managing mental conditions, and promoting brain health. One can also microdose on edibles and dried shrooms. Below are two of the best mushroom strains to microdose on, plus a few notable mentions. 


Golden Teacher – Magic Mushrooms 2

Golden Teacher

Golden Teacher strain is one of the most famous psilocybin Cubensis varieties. It is speculated to have originated from Florida in the 80s. Known for its mild to average potency, Golden Teachers offers a revelatory, insightful psychedelic trip, hence its name. Its ease of growth makes it a favorite among mycologists, which explains its widespread availability. In small doses, this strain helps improve productivity, creativity, and focus. It is also helpful for patients experiencing mental disorders like stress and depression.



Mazatapec Shrooms


Mazatapec was initially used by an indigenous community in Mexico referred to as Mazatec for spiritual purposes. It is considered one of the first-ever magic mushroom varieties that prompted the research into benefits of shrooms in the western world. Its average to above-average potency places it as the ideal choice for novice and veteran consumers alike. A psychedelic trip induced by Mazatapec lasts 3-6 hours and offers spiritual awakening and an insight into one’s inner self and the universe at large. Microdoses of Mazatapec are essential in fighting addiction, promoting brain health, and combating stress, depression, and anxiety. 

Other notable strains include Blue Meanie, Penis Envy, B+, Lizard King, and Albino+


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magic mushroom tea

How Long Does a Trip from Magic Mushroom Tea Last?

Magic mushrooms, mushies, or simply shrooms are a variety of hallucinogenic and psychedelic fungi that induce life-altering, spiritual awakening, and ego-altering trips. This is made possible by psilocybin, which is the main psychedelic compound. One can consume shrooms in various ways; raw, dry, capsules, edibles, or as extracts. 

Magic mushroom tea is one of the best and innovative ways of consuming psilocybin. One gets to mask the bitter taste with other ingredients like honey and lemon (this also accelerates the trip). Adding ginger into the recipe helps with nausea commonly associated with shroom consumption. 


Dose Psilocybin Ritual Teas Main


Factors that influence the length of a shroom tea induced trip

Shroom tea is similar to consuming edibles since one must wait for digestion and metabolism before the effects present. This takes roughly 30 minutes to 2hour depending on several factors. Below are the factors determining how intense the shroom trip will be and how long it will last. 


Shroom strain consumed 

On average, psilocybin cubensis has psilocybin levels of 0.6% by dry weight. Each strain has varying potency: Penis Envy, Great White Monster, and Blue Meanies have high levels of psilocybin, while others like Albino Treasure, Amazonian, and Hawaiian magic shrooms are an excellent fit for beginners due to their average potency. Consuming highly potent strains will result in a more intense and lengthier trip. 


Amount taken

Tea consisting of different doses of the same shroom strain will result in different experiences. Also, making tea with the same quantity of different strains will result in varying experiences. Consequently, the length of your trip is highly determined by the strain of your choice and the amount taken. 


Temple Magic Mushroom Tea Bags Green Tea


Raw or dried shrooms

The time it has taken from harvesting the shrooms to making the psychedelic cup of tea is also a significant factor. Freshly picked shrooms have lower psilocybin levels compared to dried shrooms. Properly dried shrooms end up being highly potent, thus producing long-lasting effects. 


How long will the trip last?

On average, most trips induced by magic mushroom tea last between three to six hours. The psychedelic effects will last up to 12 hours maximum for highly potent shroom strains. Long-term effects include feelings of well-being, happiness, empathy, and openness to interaction. This may last for weeks or extended duration. 

For anyone who prefers microdoses rather than macro and megadoses, you can add 0.5 or less to your cup of tea. The miniscule dose will not cause any psychedelic effects, but it will keep you creative, positive, focused, and happy. 


Buying magic mushrooms in Canada

At Magic Mushroom Dispensary, you can get your favorite dried shrooms to make your psychedelic cup of tea. We also have shroom tea packs that make the process easier and convenient. Additionally, we sell capsules and edibles to suit the various needs of our consumers. All our products are of top-notch quality, and our customer representatives are knowledgeable, professional, and ready to serve Canadian residents across the various provinces and territories. Shop online now to enjoy our seamless services. 

woman psychedlics

How Women are using Magic Mushrooms and Other Psychedelics to Combat Childbirth Stress, Depression, and PTSD

Parenthood comes with its set of challenges, especially for women. The process of childbirth causes a lot of trauma for the women, which may lead to weeks, months, or years of mental instability. Childbirth trauma affects more than 45% of women. This means that the issue is more serious than most would like to admit. The women have sought different forms of treatment, the major one being psychedelics. 

This piece examines the effectiveness of microdoses of magic mushrooms and other psychedelics in combating childbirth-associated trauma. Are they effective? How do they help? Are they safe? Read more to find the answers to these questions below. 

child mother


What is Childbirth Trauma? 

During and after childbirth, a woman may experience distress that may affect her physically, emotionally, and psychologically. This may lead to anxiety, helplessness, PTSD, and depression. 10%- 15% of women experience PTSD resulting from a difficult delivery. Additionally, the sudden changes brought by having a baby may interfere with a mother’s mental state. To say the least, mothers require numerous support during this process, and this is where magic mushrooms and other psychedelics come in. 


Can Psychedelics Help with the Trauma Associated with Childbirth?

There is a new trend of women taking psychedelics to help cope with trauma. According to anecdotal evidence, magic mushrooms, Ayahuasca, LSD, ketamine, and MDMA can help combat stress, depression, and PTSD. The drugs promote relaxation, a clear mind, positivity and help them become more ‘present’ as parents. Psychedelics foster positivity, empathy and allow them to make decisions based on love and mindfulness. 

Psychedelics have been used since ancient times for various reasons. The shamans explore the ability of these substances to illuminate the soul and make it more visible. Psychedelics help promote mindful living, self-expression, peace of mind, and emotional stability. This explains why mothers taking microdoses of psychedelics report improved mental health and better relationships with their children, spouses, and other people around them. It helps them make better decisions, thus raising children in a stable environment. 


What Does Scientific Research Have to say bout Psychedelics and Childbirth Trauma?

According to a 2018 study, psilocybin can help combat anxiety while promoting focus. The study concluded that small doses (microdose) of magic mushrooms foster interpersonal relationships and make it easier for consumers to connect and emphasize with others. 

Another study conducted by scientists from the John Hopkins Institute showed that psilocybin could effectively treat anxiety and depression. A follow-up indicated that 54% of the consumers experienced no signs of depression four weeks after the study. 

science microscope


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shaman chief

Shamanism and The Role of Magic Mushrooms in Practice

Thanks to the current psychedelic renaissance, plant and fungi-based hallucinogens like magic mushrooms are being viewed in a new light. The fear, prohibition, and stigma associated with the drug are slowly fading away as modern-day researchers work tirelessly to build upon the previously buried studies. 

While scientists strive to explore the potential of psilocybin, ancient communities seem to have figured it out thousands of years ago. The use of psychedelics can be traced to up to 20,000 years ago. Shamans used shrooms for spiritual and traditional practices. They are believed to be a conduit to other spiritual dimensions and a means to becoming a man of knowledge.

shaman 2


What is Shamanism?

When you hear this word, what exactly comes to your mind? For most people, shamanism is associated with chanting, drums, music, traditional attire, and spiritual intercession. What most individuals miss is the significance of the actions and rituals performed by the shamans.

A shaman is a religious/spiritual figure that acts as a healer, diviner, prophet, or custodian of religious traditions. He assumes the role of an intermediary between the physical and spiritual world. A shaman will guide anyone who seeks to attain physical, mental, or spiritual healing. Psychedelics like psilocybin have been an integral part of the journey since ancient times. So, what’s the role of magic mushrooms in shamanism?


Shamanism and Magic Mushrooms

Psilocybin, which is the psychedelic compound found in magic mushrooms, is used as a catalyst for connecting with the spiritual world as well as facilitating metaphysical travel.  However, this practice is not specific to one tribe or location. 

Since ancient times, shamanism has been practiced by different communities residing in various parts of the globe. Evidence shows that these rituals were practiced in areas like North America, Mongolia, and even Korea. 

Shamanism and magic mushrooms have a sacred relationship that goes way back. Often, psilocybin-rich shrooms have been referred to as ‘the flesh of the gods’ due to their ability to induce hallucinatory visuals and spiritual awakening. 


Shamanism in the Past and Present

While the laws on shrooms have for the last century been very stringent, some communities have maintained the shamanism practices. These rituals have been passed down from generation to generation among indigenous people, especially in South America and Africa. 

Shamans can be found in rural areas, jungles, deserts, tundras, cities, suburbs, and towns. Anyone interested in undergoing the rituals can easily do so in resorts or tourist destinations with onsite shamans. 


Shamanism, Psilocybin, and Modern Medicine

While shamanisms seem to have always known the full potential of psilocybin, it wasn’t until recently that science began to catch up. The psychedelic compound can alleviate various mental conditions, fight addiction, and push consumers to realize their full potential. This is especially true if psilocybin is used moderately and with care. 



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assorted dried magic mushrooms

5 Most Potent Magic Mushroom Strains

Magic mushrooms, specifically the Psilocybin Cubensis species, are highly sought for their spiritual and therapeutic value. These shroom varieties contain a psychedelic compound known as psilocybin, which activates the brain’s serotonin receptors. These receptors are mainly found on the front side of the brain’s frontal lobe. They are responsible for regulating mood, cognition, and perception. 

The psychedelic trip consumers experience is determined by the dosage, consumption history, and the set & setting. There may be hallucinations or not, but one will definitely experience some form of distortion that affects their perception of the environment and the people around them. 

Psilocybin Cubensis mushrooms have an estimated 0.63% psilocybin and 0.6% psilocin. Some varieties may have slighter higher potency, while others have a lower percentage of psychedelic compounds. Below is a list of five of the most potent magic mushroom strains. 

1. Penis Envy Magic Mushrooms

Penis Envy Magic Mushrooms

Every shroom psychonaut has at least tried this strain. Penis Envy is one of the most known and loved shroom strains in Canada and beyond. Consumers enjoy its hard-hitting nature that delivers a mystical trip coupled with visuals and shamanic experiences. The name Penis Envy name stems from the strain’s physical appearance, characterized by a bulbous head and a thick stem. 


2. Great White Monster Magic Mushrooms

great white monster magic mushroom

The Great White Monster, or GWM, is a scarce and powerful strain created by chance. It is one of the most potent psilocybin Cubensis varieties. GWM is a cross between the revered Puerto Rican strain and the world-famous A-strain. The spores can either be albino and leucistic, while the fruiting bodies remain leucistic. With this strain, consumers are treated to an intense 4–6-hour trip that perfectly blends physical and visual effects. 


3. Blue Meanie Magic Mushrooms

blue meanie magic mushrooms

Most Psilocybin Cubensis strains turn blue to the touch. This strain was named Blue Meanie as it easily bruises compared to other shroom varieties. A trip induced by this strain can be described as reflective, visual, energetic, physical, and euphoric. Expect a unique experience that is likely to last up to 5 hours. 


4. Burmese Magic Mushrooms

Burmese Magic Mushrooms

This strain’s origin can be traced back to Burma, where it was discovered by a then novice ethnomycologist known as John Allen. Burmese’s high potency makes it an ideal choice for experienced consumers. The psychedelic trip is euphoric, energetic, visual, and physical. Some consumers report an initial intense high, which later turns into a chill, mellow experience. 


5. Cambodian Magic Mushrooms

Cambodian Magic Mushrooms MMD

This is undoubtedly a very potent psilocybin strain that promises a once-in-a-lifetime trip. Cambodia, among many other strains, was discovered by John Allen. A trip induced by Cambodian is gentle and slightly visual. Physical effects are minimum, but the trip lasts a long time. Consumers can expect an energy boost that will keep them inspired and ready to complete pending tasks such as thorough cleaning or lawn mowing.  


Buying Magic Mushrooms Online in Canada 

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psychedelic therapy 1

5 Therapeutic Magic Mushroom Strains You Should Know About

Did you know that magic mushrooms offer more than life-altering, spiritual effects? Psilocybin Cubensis shrooms provide a myriad of therapeutic benefits. According to anecdotal evidence and numerous research studies, magic mushrooms can effectively alleviate depression, anxiety, addiction, and neural damage. Consumers need to consume specific strains at recommended doses for the strains’ therapeutic benefits to shine through. 

Most consumers and enthusiasts believe that all mushrooms are the same and offer similar benefits; hence the phrase ‘a shroom is a shroom.’ However, different mushroom strains differ in terms of their potency levels and whether the effects are body-centered or visual. Below is a list of five therapeutic strains that can aid in the management of various conditions. 

magic mushroom therapy 1

1. Golden Teachers Magic Mushrooms

Since it emerged in the 1980s, Golden Teachers has grown to become a favorite among mushrooms lovers across the globe. This popularity can be attributed to its shamanistic-like trip that is highly beneficial to a consumer’s spiritual, physical, and mental wellness. The trip is mild and smooth, making it ideal for beginners and veteran shroom consumers. 

2. Penis Envy Magic Mushrooms

Penis Envy is a popular shroom strain and is one of the most potent Psilocybin Cubensis varieties. It is rare and offers a euphoric trip that tends to melt away any stress, negative thoughts, and anxiety. It is also effective in fighting addiction and restoring damaged neural connections. Research has indicated that psilocybin has numerous therapeutic benefits that can help millions of individuals suffering from various conditions.  

3. Brazilian Cubensis Magic Mushrooms

As suggested in its name, this strain originates from Brazil. For centuries, it was used by the indigenous communities to foster enlightenment and communing with the spirits. Brazilian Cubensis is relatively potent and offers a gentle experience that tends to be more visual than physical. 

The enlightenment it causes makes it an ideal strain in treating depression and stress. One can see themselves beyond the struggles and issues facing them and visualize a stronger, conquering individual. 

4. Albino A+ Magic Mushrooms

This aesthetic, Ghostly white Psilocybin Cubensis strain, is a fan favorite, especially in Canada. It offers a 4-5 hour, visually centered high that is intense. Higher doses may lead to changes in cognition and perspective, thanks to ego dissolution. Consequently, Albino A+ is best used to alleviate anxiety and depression. Due to its potency, a dose of 2 to 2.5 grams is enough to induce a memorable trip. 

5. Lizard King Magic Mushrooms

Lizard King is one of the famous magic mushroom strains. It has average to above-average potency, making it ideal for new consumers at lower doses. A trip induced by Lizard King is enlightening and introspective with a bit of a physical high. It is a perfect strain to consume while outdoors enjoying nature. Thanks to its spiritual and cerebral effects, Lizard King is ideal for anyone looking to manage mental conditions such as anxiety, OCD, stress, and depression. 


Buying Magic Mushrooms Online in Canada

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