Using Magic Mushrooms for Self Improvement

There are all kinds of reasons why people use psychedelics. For some, it’s a path to self-discovery. For others, it’s a way to commune with nature. Still, for many others, it’s a way to kick back and socialize with friends.

Shrooms and psychedelics in general can be everything to everyone. They can be intoxicating, they can give you mind blowing visuals, or they can take you on a spiritual journey that’s completely transformational. It all depends on your attitude as the user.

One thing’s for sure, if you want an experience that goes beyond mere recreation, you need to approach magic mushrooms with a clear focus and the right preparation. Beyond the intoxication, geometric shapes and synesthesia lies a much bigger potential in magic mushrooms that you can miss out on if you don’t take them more seriously.

How can magic mushrooms transform you?

Magic mushrooms are catalysts that can initiate change in our personality. Research has shown that the effects of psilocybin mushrooms last more than 6 months after a trip on a substantial dose. They act as mirrors, showing you your other hidden side, and bring to the surface all your emotional battles and inadequacies for closer scrutiny.

Magic mushrooms take you through an emotional cathartic release, helping you get more in touch with your subconscious. In the process they dissolve your ego, enabling you to break the cycle of rigid thoughts and habits that hold you back in life.

Having the right attitude towards psychedelics means having a more open mind where you encourage deeper self-examination and purpose to come out of your spiritual trip a better person.

Tripping on shrooms with intent

Casual trippers usually miss out on the potential magic mushrooms and other psychedelics have of transforming lives. Whether by design or default, they often don’t prepare enough or integrate any lessons they pick up into their daily lives. By failing to do these two things, recreational users cannot enjoy the full potential of the trip.

Myron Stolaroff a researcher and author best known for his work in psychedelic psychotherapy says this about psychedelics, “Their true purpose is to enhance growth and interior development. Used only for pleasure, or abused, the Inner Self is thwarted, which leads to unpleasant experiences and depression.”

If you’ve never tried tripping with a specific intent from the outset, it’s something you need to consider. Like you do when preparing for a journey, have an itinerary of where you want to go, questions you want to explore during the trip. Think of it as a therapeutic session that should not be taken lightly, an honest appraisal about yourself.

If you’re tripping in a group setting, try and set aside some time where you’re by yourself. This will help you do some quiet introspection.

Ask yourself the more profound questions regarding your life, questions like:

  • What keeps me from reaching my full potential?
  • Does my behavior complement my goals and beliefs?
  • What changes do I need to make my life better?

Take time to think about each question. Feel it and reflect deeply upon it. If you focus your mind on these things during the trip, you’ll come back from the experience having learned some extraordinary things about yourself.

How to use your trip for self-improvement

Leo Zeff, who pioneered the use of psychedelic therapy, put it best by saying the quality of a trip is not determined by your experience that day, but by your subsequent growth in the following months.

As long as we pay attention to any insights we get from our trip and commit to applying the lessons learned in our daily lives, then our psychedelic experiences can become events that catalysis change, helping us to reach the highest level of self-awareness. One of the best ways to measure the quality of your trip is to consider how much you’ve grown from it.

As you go through a number of psychedelic trips, each new insight you get from the experience can act as a kind of feedback where you deal with disturbing issues one at a time. Think of it as a to-do list where you keep eliminating issues that give you a bad trip.

Using bad trips to grow

No one wants to go through a bad trip. But, contrary to what many people think, bad trips can prove to be very beneficial.

Bad trips are simply a reflection of your worst fears. They tend to bubble to the surface whenever your subconscious is set free. Needless to say, the emotions we undergo during a bad trip usually come from unresolved negative experiences we’ve had in our lives.

When we keep ignoring these deep lying concerns, they manifest themselves in the form of deep paranoia and anxiety, an amplified version of the concern itself. When this concern presents itself in a bad trip, it gives us an opportunity to confront it and do something about it.

By using the come down from a bad trip as a period for deep reflection, we can turn this time into a profound moment of revelation about ourselves.

When we reflect this way after each trip, even the good ones, you’ll get pointers on the things you need to address in your life, and the kind of changes you need to undertake for a positive transformation. As you make these changes, your trips will also change for the better.

What magic mushrooms can’t do for you

There’s no doubt psilocybin mushrooms can be very effective in helping identify the issues behind destructive behavior and thought patterns. However, they cannot be used to self-medicate for mental problems that require professional counseling. If you suffer from psychological illness, you’re better off getting psilocybin therapy in the right clinical setting under the close supervision of a psychologist.

Shrooms are also not a one-size-fits-all therapeutic remedy for a broad range of behavioral issues. The changes you undergo from psychedelic trips are progressive, and you have to manage your expectations of any positive personality change.


Once you’ve experienced the benefits of tripping with intent, make sure you share what you’ve gone through with your friends. Let them know that it’s fine to use psychedelics for recreation, but it’s much more fulfilling when you trip with the intention of self-improvement. Who knows, you might change their lives for the better!

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