Where To Buy Magic Mushroom Spores In Canada

Where To Buy Magic Mushroom Spores In Canada

Magic mushrooms are becoming increasingly popular in Canada. Not only are these fascinating fungi known for unleashing your creativity, enhancing your senses, and even inducing spiritual experiences, but research suggests that magic mushrooms can help with depression, anxiety, and other such issues. And while you can simply buy shrooms online, you might want to consider magic mushroom spores.

Buying magic mushroom spores is a good idea for anyone looking to grow magic mushrooms at home. Although it takes some preparation, you can produce impressive yields of satisfying shrooms by injecting shroom spores in a suitable substrate. But, of course, you’ll need to know where to get your hands on them first. Here’s a guide on where to buy magic mushroom spores in Canada.

What Are Magic Mushroom Spores?

When growing cannabis plants, you generally need to plant seeds or cuttings in some kind of soil to get the rich, psychoactive flowers you’re after. However, since magic mushrooms are a type of fungi, the cultivation process is different. Instead of planting seeds, you’ll need to inject magic mushroom spores in a substrate for them to grow into satisfying shrooms.

Spores are one-celled reproductive units that can be used to grow mushrooms. Spore prints are extracted from magic mushrooms so that they can be reproduced again. However, you don’t need access to magic mushrooms to get your hands on spores – they’re often sold in vials, making it easy to extract them into a syringe and plant them to grow magic mushrooms at home.

You can find spores for all kinds of magic mushroom strains. For instance, you might want to cultivate some Golden Teacher Mushrooms or Arenal Volcano Magic Mushrooms. Whichever way, it’s simply a matter of buying a vial of spores for your desired strain and then using these spores to produce a new batch of psilocybin mushrooms.

How Do You Use Magic Mushroom Spores?

Using magic mushroom spores can be a little complicated if you’ve never tried to grow magic mushrooms before. The process requires time, patience, and a lot of equipment to ensure that your shrooms grow successfully. You’ll also need to disinfect all the equipment and materials you use to ensure that your magic mushrooms aren’t ruined.

You use magic mushroom spores by injecting them into some kind of substrate. Most people use a substrate base of brown rice flour, vermiculite, and water to grow shrooms. Your substrate gives the spores the nutrients and conditions they need to eventually grow into psilocybin mushrooms.

Magic mushroom spores usually come in a vial with a syringe, although some you’ll need to extract into a syringe first. You can then use the syringe to inoculate jars of your chosen substrate with your magic mushroom spores. The spores will feed off of the substrate and grow into shrooms. From there, you can continue with the incubation, fruiting, and harvesting process.

Many steps are involved with growing magic mushrooms, so it’s best to read a more in-depth guide on how to grow magic mushrooms before using magic mushroom spores. That way, you can avoid errors and ensure that your shroom growing project goes as smoothly as possible.

Where To Buy Magic Mushroom Spores In Canada 1

Where To Buy Magic Mushroom Spores In Canada

Compared to fully-grown magic mushrooms, magic mushroom spores are much easier to find. Since the spores of shrooms don’t technically contain any psilocybin, they’re legal to buy in many parts of the world. As such, you can find many places to buy magic mushroom spores in Canada, and even outside of the country.

Although you might find magic mushroom spores in some local head shops, it’s usually best to get them online. Some online retailers focus on providing high-quality magic mushroom spores around the world. That way, you can browse a wide range of spores and choose the ideal strain for you.

Usually, magic mushroom spores are sold in syringes or vials, making it easy to inject them into your substrates. The capacity of these can vary, but you’ll usually get around 10cc of spore solution in each one. Since you only need to inject each jar of your substrate with ¼ cc of your spore solution, you can get many batches of shrooms even with a single vial.

Is Buying Magic Mushroom Spores Worth It?

Buying magic mushroom spores is a must if you’re planning to grow magic mushrooms at home. What’s more, magic mushroom spores usually aren’t too expensive. Vials of spore solutions are usually cheap and, since you only need to use a small amount in each substrate jar you use, it’s often a cost-effective purchase.

With that said, you’ll also need a lot of other equipment to grow shrooms successfully. Along with a vial of magic mushroom spores, you’ll need a good substrate for them to grow. You’ll also need jars, an incubator, a fruiting chamber, a suitable space for them to grow, and various other items. Because of this, growing magic mushrooms isn’t worth it for everyone.

Although it can be rewarding, growing shrooms at home can be a grueling process. Because of this, many users choose to avoid the process altogether. Luckily, you can now buy magic mushrooms online in Canada quickly and easily from a trusted online magic mushroom dispensary.

Along with a wide selection of magic mushroom strains, you can also find convenient magic mushroom capsules and magic mushroom edibles. These products are available in many types and dosages, making it easy to get the ideal psilocybin experience for your needs. You can even buy shroom kits to try a range of products.

Is Buying Magic Mushroom Spores Worth It


Magic mushroom spores are the organisms you use to grow magic mushrooms at home. They usually come in vials and are then injected into some kind of substrate using a syringe. Since magic mushroom spores aren’t commonly found in stores, people usually buy them from online retailers that specialize in shroom spores.

With that said, buying magic mushroom spores isn’t essential. You can avoid the cost and also avoid the entire growing process by simply buying magic mushrooms online. You can find various strains of magic mushrooms along with psilocybin edibles, capsules, and more at Magic Mushrooms Dispensary.

How to Grow Magic Mushrooms at Home

How to Grow Magic Mushrooms at Home?

Between the fascinating trips and therapeutic benefits, magic mushrooms can be incredibly exciting to use. Shrooms have gained a lot of popularity in the past few years and they’ve also become much more accessible – you can even buy magic mushrooms online in Canada. However, some users might want to learn how to grow magic mushrooms at home.

Growing magic mushrooms is a rewarding DIY project for anyone who enjoys the effects of psilocybin. Not only can you make your favorite strains of shrooms from home, but they often yield multiple batches of magic mushrooms that you can store and use at your leisure. Here’s a simple guide on how to grow magic mushrooms at home.

Preparing Your Substrate

To grow shrooms, you’ll need to prepare a substrate base. Much like plants need soil, fungi feed off of substrate and get the nutrients they need to grow. The best way to make a substrate for home growing is by combining brown rice flour, vermiculite, and water. 

You’ll also need around 8 to 12 sealable jars to fill with your substrate. Mason jars work well. Use a hammer and nail to create four holes in the lids of each of your jars. Next, take a mixing bowl and add ⅔ cup of vermiculite and ½ cup of water for each jar you’re using. Drain the water then add ¼ cup of brown rice flour for each jar you’re using.

Mix these ingredients thoroughly to create your substrate. You can then fill each jar with the substrate – leaving around an inch of space at the top. Apply a layer of rubbing alcohol to the top of each jar and allow it to evaporate before filling the top of each jar with more dry vermiculite. Seal each jar and place tinfoil over the top.

Next, you’ll need to sterilize your jars with steam. Place a small towel in a large cooking pot, add your jars, and fill it with enough water to reach halfway up your jars. Let the water boil, apply a lid, and steam the jars for 60 to 90 minutes. After this, leave the jars to cool overnight.


Once your jars have cooled to room temperature, you can start the inoculation process. You’ll need to inject each jar of the substrate with magic mushroom spores – you can usually buy these in syringes. Start by disinfecting your hands as well as the surface you plan to use. You should also wear gloves.

Use a lighter to disinfect the tip of one of your spore syringes and wipe it with alcohol once it cools. You can then remove the foil from your jars, push the needle of your syringe as far as it’ll go into the hole of each jar (or open slightly), and inject ¼ cc of your spore solution. Disinfect the needle between each jar.

Once you’ve injected all your jars with your spores, you’ll need to make an incubator. You can do this by taking a large, disinfected plastic box and placing your jars inside. You can also buy a magic mushroom incubator. Seal the top of the incubator and place it in a dark warm spot.



Ideally, your jars should have temperatures of 20 to 28 ºC (68 to 82ºF) and relative humidity levels of 80%. If you can’t find a warm enough spot in your house, you may want to place your box in another container with heated water by using an aquarium heater.

While incubating, it’s important to check your jars regularly. Watch out for signs of contamination such as blue, green, or white fuzzy mold – contaminated jars should be removed immediately. After 1 or 2 weeks of incubation, white mycelium should start to sprout from your spores. After 3 to 4 weeks, half of your jars or more should have full colonies or “cakes” of mycelium.

Once your jars have colonized, they’re ready for fruiting. You might want to wait an extra week for the colonies to strengthen. During this time, you can create a fruiting chamber by disinfecting a large, clear plastic container with a lid. Make ¼-inch holes around every 2 inches across the sides, base, and lid of the box. This will give your shrooms the light and airflow they need.


After making your fruiting chamber, place four stable objects under each corner to allow airflow at the bottom. You might also want to place a towel underneath to avoid leakage. You’ll also need to fill the chamber with 4 to 5 inches of perlite. Rinse the perlite in distilled water first.

Open your colonized jars, remove the top layers of vermiculite, and carefully take the colonized cakes and place them on a disinfected surface. Rinse the cakes gently under cold water to remove any excess vermiculite. Fill a cooking pot with tepid water and submerge your cakes for 24 hours to rehydrate them. 

Roll your hydrated cakes in a mixing bowl of dry vermiculite and place them each in a jar lid covered with tinfoil. You can then spread them evenly throughout your fruiting chamber. Mist them using a spray bottle of water and close the lid of your chamber.


Place the chamber in a cool, dry place with low levels of indirect light. Mist your chamber (without soaking the cakes) four times a day and fan your cakes with the lid. Within a week or two, you’ll notice mushrooms sprout from your cakes. Once the veils of the mushroom caps start to break, it’s time to harvest them.

Apply gloves and disinfect your hands. Use a disinfected knife to carefully cut the base of your grown mushrooms close to the cake. Place the harvested shrooms on paper towels and give them a few days to dry. You can then store them in a sealed container in a cool, dry place.

Some of your mushrooms will mature faster than others, so give them enough time to fully grow. Your cakes can also grow multiple shrooms – you just need to regenerate them. Rehydrate your cakes after harvesting by submerging them in cold water for 10 minutes before placing them back in the fruiting chamber.

Magic Mushroom Harvesting


With the right resources and knowledge, you can grow psilocybin mushrooms at home within around 4 to 6 weeks. The quality of your homegrown shrooms won’t be the greatest but once you get the hang of it, you can regularly grow batches, store them, and use them as you please.

Although it’s an interesting project, it’s much better to simply buy shrooms online. That way, you can get a range of high-quality magic mushroom strains without any hassle. You can find professionally-grown magic mushrooms and various psilocybin-infused products at Magic Mushrooms Dispensary.