Top 8 Benefits of Shrooms

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For years, magic mushrooms have been known to give people remarkable spiritual experiences enabling members of ancient tribes such as the Aztecs to communicate with their gods. Now consensus is building among researchers that shrooms aren’t necessarily the harmful and addictive drugs they’re made out to be. In fact, they could provide the key in holistic healing for human beings.

Here’s a look at 8 Benefits Shrooms:


1.   Shrooms Soothes Anxiety

If you’re the kind of person who suffers from bouts of anxiety, there’s some good news for you. Psilocybin mushrooms can help reduce your anxiety levels. A study conducted by a team of scientists at John Hopkins showed that moderate doses of shrooms in conjunction with psychotherapy helped terminally ill patients overcome anxiety and depression caused by their diagnosis. After a 6 hour treatment almost 80% of the participants showed significantly reduced anxiety and depression, results that were still evident 6 months down the line. 83% of those treated reported they were more satisfied with their quality of life, while two-thirds admitted their psilocybin session was one of the five most important experiences in their lives.


2.   Magic Mushrooms Lowers Depression

You may or may not know this, but Canadians are ranked as one of the highest users of antidepressants in the world. OECD, which released this statistic says that as much as 9% of Canada’s population is on one medication or other for fighting depression. Luckily a lot of research has been done on psilocybin therapy in relation to depression. In fact, psilocybin therapy has been given “breakthrough therapy” status by the FDA for the treatment of depression meaning its approval for such use is now being fast tracked.

Among the more promising outcomes of research is a 2017 study by the Imperial College London which found that psilocybin “may effectively reset the activity of key brain circuits known to play a role in depression.” A different study also showed that psilocybin combined with psychological support can revive one’s emotional responsiveness. It suggested that the chemical works without emotionally blunting patients as is the case with conventional antidepressants.


3.   Shrooms Alleviates OCD Symptoms

You’re probably familiar with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), a condition that’s associated with unreasonable thoughts and fears that result in compulsive behaviors like constantly washing your hands for fear of germs, or the need to arrange things in a specific way. Patients suffering from bipolar disorders are usually the most affected. Studies done by the University of Arizona showed that magic mushrooms were able to successfully treat the symptoms related to this disorder.

According to Dr. Francisco Moreno and Dr. Brian Bayze who work at the university, psilocybin works together with various serotonin receptors in the brain, including those which control certain brain regions of individuals with OCD. By treating them with multiple doses of shrooms, the binding activity of serotonin receptors changes thereby reducing such symptoms.


4.   It Can Treat Addiction

Whether you’re addicted to smoking, alcohol, or cocaine, psilocybin mushrooms could provide the answer to breaking these habits. One pilot study conducted by John Hopkins University researchers revealed that psilocybin therapy enabled participants to abstain from smoking for a period of 12 months during which follow-up was done.

Matthew Johnson, an associate professor of psychiatry, who led the study believes shrooms can potentially treat other substance abuse disorders like alcohol and cocaine addiction. According to him, these disorders are caused by “a narrowed mental and behavioral repertoire”. Such people can be shaken out of their routines using well-coordinated psilocybin therapy sessions.


5.   Magic Mushrooms Stimulates Growth of New Brain Cells

We know that psilocybin can help the brain establish new connections across its different regions but, get this, it can also help the growth of neorons in the brain. Research done by the University of South Florida showed that psilocybin enabled lab rats to overcome their fear by promoting the growth of new neurons in their brains, a phenomenon known as neuroplasticity. To put it differently, psilocybin repairs and grows brain cells by binding itself to receptors in the nerve cells that stimulate healing. Dr. Briony Catlow, the study leader, hopes the findings can be extended to humans in clinical trials.


6.   Psychedelic Mushrooms boost your creativity

It’s no secret that magic mushrooms improve your mood. At higher doses shrooms can send you into a euphoric state, but they can also promote a sense of creativity and insightfulness even at lower doses better known as microdoses. A 2018 study published in the journal Psychopharmacology corroborates this. It found that participants who microdosed on psychedellic mushrooms came up with more ideas on how to solve a task. The researchers found that they “were more fluent, flexible and original in the possibilities they came up with”.


7.   They Can Change Your Personality

Although brain function generally returns to normal after psilocybin psychotherapy session, research has shown that some effects can last longer. One such study, published in the Journal of Psychopharmacology, found that psilocybin can result in long-term changes in behaviors, attitudes and values. While studying its effect on five broad domains of personality- neuroticism, extroversion, openness, agreeableness, and conscientiousness, it demonstrated that there were “significant increases in openness following a high-dose psilocybin session.”

Openness refers to an individual’s attitude towards new experiences, and goes hand in hand with characteristics like imagination, creativity and aesthetic appreciation. In the study researchers reported that openness not only increased during the psilocybin sessions with participants, but almost 60% of the participants maintained a significantly higher level of openness more than one later. However, those who went through this personality change are only the ones who had a complete mystical experience during their high-dose session. The study went on to explain that the high dose should be administered under supportive conditions.


8.   Shrooms Can Potentially Treat Alzheimer’s

Following the findings by scientists that psilocybin promotes neuroplasticity in the brain, psychiatrists like Prof. Roland Griffiths from Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine think there’s an opportunity to study the effects of psychedelics in people with early Alzheimer’s disease. Speaking to Forbes, he said, “To the extent that these drugs produce neuroplasticity, there may be some enduring effects on cognitive process,” Although that’s in the future, he’s happy  that for now they know they can treat depression that comes with an Alzheimer’s diagnosis using magic mushroom drugs.



As much as magic mushrooms provide the health benefits described above, it’s good to remember that higher doses are administered in a controlled clinical situation. If you’re not highly experienced in taking psilocybin mushrooms we recommend that you start off by microdosing then increase your dosage as you get used to their effects.


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It’s My First Shrooms Trip, What Should I do?

How to Prepare for Your Shrooms Trip

It’s normal to be a little anxious before your first magic mushroom psilocybin trip. But you can relax, we’ve got your back on this one. We’ve put together a list of do’s and don’ts, and generally tried to give you an idea of what to expect inside your psychedelic journey.

First up, you need to know that the effects of the shroom will depend on:

  1. The dosage: at lower doses like the minidose (0.5g-1g) or museum dose (1g-2g), psilocybin mushrooms will mainly distort your sense of perception. But at higher doses (2g-5g) you will begin to experience powerful hallucinations referred to as spiritual trips.
  2. The strain of psilocybin mushroom: there are several types including the Big Mex, The Ecuadorian, or the Transkei Cubensis that will give you varying trip outcomes effects. That’s because they have different concentrations of alkaloids. Some, like the Transkei will give you more powerful visuals compared to the Golden Teacher which is mellower.
  3. Your mental status: you need to be in a good place mentally before taking shrooms, otherwise issues buried in your subconscious mind will bubble to the surface. Your worst fears could be amplified during your trip.


What Effects Should I Expect From Psilocybin Mushrooms?

Like most psychedelic trips, mushroom trips, vary from one individual to the next. Some may perceive intense visual effects, while others may have a more introspective psychedelic experience.

During the trip you’ll start feeling some interesting sensations in your body; this is normally what is referred to as a spiritual adventure. At this point you’ll feel as if there are no limits to time and space. You feel deeply connected with the universe.

Your sense of taste, smell and touch, as well as your hearing, and vision gain new dimensions like you never imagined. Expect the objects around you to become more vivid and concentrated, acquiring a new clarity.

Soon you’ll start giggling uncontrollably as euphoria takes over. You’ll hear the sounds around you begin to echo as the things you eat (if you do manage to keep it down) gain a new exciting taste.

Close your eyes and you’ll see intense 3D geometric patterns, rotating and switching into different intricate shapes. Open them and the walls, floor and ceiling will be covered by these patterns dancing in their full glare, almost as if some strange kaleidoscope has taken over your normal senses.

Next are your thoughts. They’ll flow freely and effortlessly, gaining a life of their own. They may diverge into different trains of thought, taking place simultaneously until they eventually converge. Prepare to experience life-like dreams played out by your subconscious in your mind’s eye.


What Rules Should I Observe?

  1. Don’t forget the “Set and Setting” Rule

The “set” is your state of mind. Try to relax and have positive thoughts as much as possible before taking the  magic mushrooms. If you’re anxious or annoyed don’t take shrooms otherwise your trip can quickly turn into a frightening and messy experience.

The “setting” is the physical environment and person(s) around you. If you want to have good vibes from your experience be in the company of a positive and reassuring person whom you’re comfortable with.

  1. Have a Trip Sitter

A “trip sitter” is someone, possibly a friend, who takes up the responsibility of looking after you, the tripper. Having someone like that around makes the atmosphere safer and can help in case you run into problems you can’t handle on your own. They can take shrooms in small doses just to keep you company and so as to empathize with what you’re experiencing.

  1. Use the Correct Shroom Dosage

How much shrooms should you take, can be a tricky question. It’s always best to err on the side of caution. Start slowly with a microdose of say, 0.5g and then refill once you reach the peak. Don’t try taking a full dose if it’s your first time, because you may not be able to handle its potency. Here’s how much magic mushrooms you should take to get the desired effects.

  1. Don’t Drive

You shouldn’t drive a vehicle or operate any kind of heavy machinery while you’re under the influence of shrooms. Also don’t take mushrooms a day before an important event like doing an exam or attending a job interview.

  1. Don’t get in Trouble with the Law

Mushrooms are best taken indoors either at home or in a place that’s familiar and comfy. That way, in case things don’t go according to plan, you can maintain your privacy. Keep off the streets when you’re taking mushrooms for the first time.

  1. Things to do on Shrooms

There’s lots of fun things you can do when tripping on magic mushrooms like relaxing on the couch or bed, look at art, watch a movie, listen to good music, play video games, or go stargazing.



Without a doubt experiencing a “bad trip” can turn you off experimenting with magic mushrooms. A bad trip can happen when you do it in the wrong environment and your dosing is all wrong. Luckily, deadly overdoses caused by magic mushrooms are a rare occurrence. Magic mushrooms have, in fact, been rated as the safest recreational drug in the world by the Global Drug Survey.

The long and short of it is when used correctly, shrooms can provide an amazing experience, but they must be treated with care and respect.


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How to Safely Consume Magic Mushrooms

First Timer Magic Mushroom Kit 1

How do you like your psilocybin mushrooms served up? Do you like the pleasant, relaxing and mind-altering trip experienced at lower doses, or do you usually go for the full-throttle mind-blowing psychedelic trip? Whatever your preference, as long as you have the right guidance, magic mushrooms can open the door to the world around you in a way you could never imagine.

Nonetheless, there are several housekeeping rules you must observe if you want your experience to be enjoyable, rather than a nightmare.


Identifying Psilocybin Mushrooms

First off, unless you’re very knowledgeable on mushroom identification you’ll probably want to leave hunting for magic mushrooms to the experts.  Psilocybe cubensis has several look-alikes that could be poisonous. Eat the wrong mushroom and you can end up with stomach problems, organ failure or fatal results. Luckily, here at we know our shrooms, and when you buy mushrooms online from us you’re guaranteed the safest, highest quality product.

That said, it is still useful to know the characteristics of Psilocybe cubensis. Most strains of this shroom are reddish-cinnamon brown in their younger stages of growth, and turn into a golden brown color as the fungus ages. The spores show in the gills below the cap and have a purple-brownish color. If the gills and spores are white, it’s probably a different mushroom variety. Ps. cubensis also has a partial veil and a small ring around the stem.  The stem, which is white or yellowish in color usually bruises blue when you touch or bend it.


Consuming Mushrooms Safely

The first rule when consuming magic mushrooms is if you’re new to them, you shouldn’t take too many at once because you don’t want your first mushroom experience to be a bad one. You’re probably better off microdosing mushrooms, starting with 0.1 grams of magic mushroom if your body weight is below 100 lbs. You can then up the dosage gradually to 0.5 grams depending on how you respond. A good start would be to try our First Timer Magic Mushroom Kit.

Once you take them, you’ll start slipping into different states of consciousness which can go on for several hours. This means you shouldn’t consume magic mushrooms just before going to work, driving, or operating machinery.

The state of your mental health is also important. If you’re suffering from depression, don’t take mushrooms, unless they are prescribed by a doctor and you’re placed under close observation, otherwise the mushrooms may end up magnifying your worst fears and anxieties. Also, don’t take magic mushrooms if you’re suffering from a bacterial or viral infection.

It’s preferable that you take mushrooms in the company of a friend who has taken them before, and when you do so, make sure you remain indoors. It can be at home or in another safe and comfortable place. While you might experience awesome visuals while outside, it’s best you do this when you have enough experience with psychedelic mushrooms.

Other drugs

Don’t mix magic mushrooms with other drugs, especially alcohol. It also probably best you stay away from cannabis as well. Although you may find cocktails of psilocybin and CBD in the market place, these are strictly recommended for highly experienced users.


The Different Ways to Consume Magic Mushrooms

1.    Eating them straight up

The most common way people take magic mushrooms is eating them. If you choose to consume them this way, it’s important that you chew them thoroughly, to bring out all the juices containing the psychoactive chemicals. When mixed with saliva, psilocybin gets into your blood stream and takes effect in about 45 minutes.

For the best results, we advise you take them on an empty stomach. Chewing may leave an unpleasant aftertaste in your mouth so you may want to use a grinder to turn them into a powder or paste that’s easier to swallow.

2.    Mushroom Lemon Tek

Ask any experienced user and they’ll tell you that magic mushroom dosing and lemon tek go hand in hand. Lemon tek is not only quick and easy to take, you’ll experience a more intense trip as lemon is said to act a kind of catalyst. Here’s what you should do:

  1. Thoroughly grind your mushrooms into a very fine powder.
  2. Pour the powder into a glass
  3. Fill it with lemon juice to a level just above the powder
  4. Let it sit for 20 minutes, stirring every 5 minutes
  5. Add some water and swivel then drink

Use half the quantity of mushrooms you would take if you were eating them dry.

3.    Making a Magic Brew

Another way of killing off the unpleasant taste of mushrooms is to take them in the form of brewed tea. At we offer organically grown magic mushroom tea available in three different flavors. Magic brew tea is really easy to prepare. Just boil some water, let it simmer and immerse the tea bag for 10 to 20 minutes, and you’re brew is ready.

4.    Microdosing with Mushroom Capsules

Most psychonauts know that going on a full psychedelic trip can cost you a whole day, which isn’t everyone’s idea of having a good time. If you prefer just being in a good place, as opposed to the full body high, then capsules are certainly the way to go. They’ll keep you energetic, focused and clear in your mind when going about your job, and are the best way to microdose.

If you would like an opportunity to experience ultimate clarity without losing an entire day, capsules may be your best friend. Capsules offer users a more accurate way or microdosing. They can also be taken very discreetly and are a lot less suspicious to carry around compared to regular magic mushrooms.

5.    Edibles

Adding magic mushrooms to food, opens up a whole new world of experiences, not just from a psychedelic point of view, but also for refining your culinary skills. Including mushrooms in your food helps improve their taste and reduces the feeling of nausea that a lot of users suffer.

However, you should avoid adding the mushrooms while actually cooking as psilocybin breaks down when exposed to too much heat. Instead, try adding them to sauces or toppings after your done cooking. Don’t forget to experiment with dosage until you find what’s right for you.


What to Do In Case Of a Bad Trip

If you follow the steps we’ve laid out above, you’ll be able to reduce the chances of having a bad trip considerably. However, in case one of your friends suffers from a bad trip here’s what you should know.

Firstly they’ll become extremely anxious and start acting really paranoid. They may even become hysterical or violent. Unfortunately, a bad trip can last as long as a good trip, meaning several hours. The victim of this experience may feel like it’s taking forever to end.

The important thing is to take them to a warm, comfortable and calm place and talk them through this difficult experience. Don’t call it a bad trip, just convince them that it’ll soon be over. Lastly, don’t hesitate to get help from someone else if you need it.


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Does Microdosing Mushrooms Actually Work?

Micrdose Defination

From Silicon Valley execs to college professors, and even moms, the number of those who use magic mushrooms to improve their lives both creatively and productively is on the rise. Magic mushrooms are no longer considered the preserve of hippies and socialites attending cultural festivals like Burning Man, they’re increasingly becoming part of everyday life. Heck, even the government has started taking notice of this trend with cities like Oakland and Denver in the US now moving to decriminalize their use.


What is Microdosing?

Microdosing means taking miniscule amounts of magic mushrooms once every few days which are usually dried and ground into a powder. Now, instead of using 100 micrograms of the stuff which is enough to give you a full psychedelic experience or trip, techies, redditors and ordinary folks like your next door neighbor now swallow 10 to 20 grams every so often to alleviate their mental health. Some guys even go to the length of using digital jewelry scales so they can weigh their stash more accurately.

It’s plain and simple, people who don’t want to get high, but are just looking for a way to feel better about themselves will tell you microdosing mushrooms are the way to go. Not only do shrooms boost their productivity at work, they’re able to handle their kids and relationships better.


How do Magic Mushrooms Work?

Psilocybin, the active ingredient in magic mushrooms, works by binding to serotonin, a chemical that’s produced by nerve cells which sends signals between these cells.

This is how it happens:

  • Once the psilocybin reaches your gut it’s converted into another chemical called psilocin.
  • Psilocin binds to serotonin receptors called 5-HT2A triggering your brain to go through major changes- essentially a domino effect.
  • Consequently, the level of activity in your visual cortex increases, changing the way you perceive things.
  • The visual cortex is the part of your brain that’s responsible for abstract thinking, thought analysis, and plays a key role in mood and perception.

In a word, the psilocybin in the mushrooms profoundly changes how the different areas of your brain synchronize with each other- like a conductor guiding an orchestra.

Dr David Erritzoe a researcher at the Imperial College London speaking to The Guardian said, “If we do brain imaging when a full dose of psychedelics is in the brain, a lot of the functional networks that we can measure start to fuse into each other. There’s broader communication between the networks. That could be the biology behind this ‘more-free’ state of mind or perception that people typically report.”

Human Brain on Psilocybin Magic Mushroom

Above: Graphic representation of the brain connections in a person dosed with psilocybin (right) and in someone who’s taken a placebo (left).


What Research Says about Magic Mushrooms

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, magic mushrooms can make you experience the following things:

  • Feelings of relaxation similar to what low doses of marijuana make you feel.
  • Introspective or spiritual experiences.
  • Nervousness, paranoia, and panic reactions


Mushrooms can treat cancer-related anxiety or depression

A study conducted by Johns Hopkins researchers on a group of people suffering from cancer-related anxiety or depression showed that they experienced significant relief for up to six months from a single large dose of psilocybin.

The study found that:

  • Almost 80% of participants continued to experience clinically significant reduction in depressed mood and anxiety.
  • 83% experienced a higher sense of well-being or life satisfaction.
  • 67% of participants ranked their experience with psilocybin as one of the top five meaningful experiences in their lives, while about 70% said it was one of their top five spiritually significant lifetime events.

The effects of magic mushrooms last four to six hours

According to Roland Griffiths a professor of behavioral biology at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, a single dose of psilocybin can last for four to six hours but, as the study showed, can produce lasting reductions in depression and anxiety symptoms.

Charles Grob, a psychiatry professor at the University of California, Los Angeles, believes that by contrast, a microdose of magic mushrooms, has far more subtle effects, saying “It kind of enhances sensory perception.” He goes on to explain that microdoses of psilocybin makes colors to appear brighter, gives the user a greater appreciation of nature whereby they’re able to “delve into psychological and interpersonal issues.” He also believes that a microdose allows you to function in your day to day life.

Microdosing mushrooms increase alertness

Cognitive scientist Vince Polito, led a study that was published in the open- access journal Plos One which followed 98 microdosers who were already using psychedelics to find out what their experience was like. The study noted some clear changes. For example, the participants  reported decreased mind-wandering, lower levels of stress and depression. The study concludes that “microdosing may lead to more subtle changes characterized by improvements in mental stability, the capacity to sustain attention and increased ability to become engaged in intense imaginative experiences.”

Does Microdosing Work for Everyone?

As the studies above show, yes. However, research is ongoing to prove beyond doubt that the feel-good symptom is more than just a placebo effect of taking the drug. However, there are some folks who say that microdosing works for them best in specific situations. For example it may help with creative tasks like handling people, but may be a distraction when it comes to the more mundane tasks like bookkeeping. Some report that microdosing works better for them when they combine it with other activities like psychotherapy, dieting and regular exercise.

Are There Risks Involved In Microdosing?

David Nutt, a Professor of Neuropsychopharmacology at the Imprerial College London believes that psychedelic drugs like LSD when taken every day could narrow the heart valves, but states that there’s no evidence that psychedelics are dangerous to your health. It’s only the actions of those under its influence that can be harmful.

Psychedelics are not recommended for people who have bipolar disorder or psychotic illness as they can trigger a psychotic episode. You should also shouldn’t mix psychedelics with other drugs or alcohol, for that matter. It goes without saying that driving while under the influence of psychedelics is a big no-no.


Magic mushrooms are showing a lot of promise especially in the area of treating depression and kicking habits like smoking, if the studies done so far are anything to go by. There’s also undeniable anecdotal evidence that microdosing on them improves one’s overall wellness, in the same way as yoga or meditation.

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How Much Magic Mushrooms Should I Take To Get The Desired Effect?

Magic Mushrooms Dispensary 7

If you’re having challenges coming up with a mushroom dosage to give you the right psychedelic experience, don’t worry. It’s something lots of psychonauts go through while experimenting with hallucinogens. It’s perfectly understandable, you want to get the best out of your trip without overdoing it.

Unfortunately there’s no one size fits all dosing recommendation because there are many factors that contribute to the high you get from your shrooms including the potency of the magic mushrooms, your weight, as well as your state of mind. So calibrating the dosage that’s most suitable for you is a painstaking process that could involve starting off with low doses and working your way up until you hit the right note- metaphorically speaking.

This means that if we take a normal microdose to be 0.2 to 0.5 grams of mushrooms, it’s probably best to start off with 0.1 grams if your body weight is below 100 lbs. This can be increased to between 0.3 grams to 0.5 grams for a bodyweight of 200 lbs and over.


Fresh Versus Dry Mushrooms

Mushrooms usually have a dry weight that’s about 10% of their fresh or wet weight. That means when you take 5 grams of fresh mushrooms what you’re really getting is 0.5 grams of psychoactive compounds from them. That said, the amount of psilocybin will vary depending on the part of the mushroom you consume and even the variety of mushroom. Let’s not forget there are over 180 species of magic mushrooms known to contain psilocybin.

Research on one of the more popular strains, Psilocybe Cubensis, shows that you’re likely to get 0.37–1.30 % of psilocybin when you take the whole mushroom, where a higher concentration of 0.44–1.35% is found in the cap, while 0.05–1.27% is present in the stem.

Now if you’re the kind of person who likes to prepare the mushrooms yourself you should know that microdosing works best when you maintain the same variety of mushrooms in your regimen and grind them into powder form. This enables you to get a more consistent high from each hit.


How Much Magic Mushrooms Should You Take?

It depends on your level of experience with psychedelics and how much you want to push the envelope. Let’s look at the 5 dose sizes that are commonly used.

1. Microdosing- 0.2 to 0.5 grams dried

As we’ve seen, it’s best to go the microdosing route if it’s your first time taking magic mushrooms. You could begin by consuming 0.1g of powdered mushrooms as your starter microdose. You can measure out the amount yourself or take the dose in the form of a capsule or pill that contains the exact dose of mushroom powder. After your first attempt, you can gradually adjust this amount until you hit your sweet spot.

On such a low dosage your emotions should be generally under control. You probably shouldn’t expect any visuals or any obvious changes in mood. This dose is ideal if you’re looking for a subtle boost in your energy and creativity levels.

A word of caution

Apart from how much you should take, how often is an equally important question to address. James Fadiman, who introduced the concept of microdosing into popular culture, recommends microdosing once every three days. It’s also a good idea to take notes on any changes you note in your mood and behavior.

2. Minidose: 0.5 – 1.0 grams dried

This is a mid-low dosage that gives you more than just a subtle boost in your mood and you should start getting some visuals. Some describe the feeling it gives you as “gently floating in the clouds.” It’s ideal for a party setting or hanging out with your buddies on a Friday evening. A mini dose can also be useful for some reflection and helping in your creative processes.

3. Museum dose: 1.0 – 2.0 gram dried

Once you’re on a museum dose your brain waves shift towards alpha oscillations as you transit into a flow state. Expect the visuals to get more intense, you’ll feel a lot like laughing as you experience some good vibes. Conversations may get deeper too, and you start to feel like you’re going through some really life-altering experiences.

4. Moderate dose: 2.0 – 3.0 gram dried

Buckle up because this is the classic psychedelic trip that’s achieved such notoriety. It’ll feel like being pushed into the deep end of a pool when you’re a first-time swimmer. However you’ll still retain some level of control, riding the wave and catching a breather as you go. At this point, the visuals get really intense, and you might perceive things you’ve never imagined. A moderate dose is certainly better suited for the more experienced users and should be taken in the company of people you’re more comfortable with.

5. Megadose: 3.0-5.0g

If you’re already familiar with the classic trip and are looking for new spiritual highs, you’ll probably want to try the mega dose. It’s definitely not for the weak-minded. Experts say that this is the level at which you experience ego death and a spiritual rebirth. This high is very intense, so it’s always good to speak to someone with experience before trying it out. Mind you, taking a mega dose should never be used to escape from your fears or inhibitions. If anything, it should enhance your life.


Other factors that affect your trip

Keep in mind that when all is said and done, the dose size is only one aspect of your psychedelic experience. It can’t be overemphasized how important it is to be in the right space mentally and in a supportive and safe environment as you go through your trip.


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How Magic Mushrooms Can Help Treat Depression

How Magic Mushrooms Can Help Treat Depression

Magic mushrooms have been around for thousands of years, playing an important role in religious customs among Central American indigenous communities such as the Aztecs of Mexico. And now research on the psychological benefits that this medicinal fungus has to offer is intensifying, driven by the need to find a lasting solution to the mental health and addiction problems that bedevil our society.


Use of Magic Mushrooms to Treat Depression

One of the more interesting findings by researchers has been the magic mushrooms’ potential to treat depression. Several studies have been done as follows:

  • In 2015, psilocybin was used to treat alcoholism and the results of were published in a proof-of-concept study circulated in the Journal of Psychopharmacology.
  • In 2016, a publication in the Lancet Psychiatry revealed how patients suffering from moderate to mild depression showed “markedly reduced depressive symptoms” after being treated with psilocybin.
  • In another study at the Imperial College London, 20 patients with treatment-resistant depression were given psilocybin. The patients had their brains scanned before and after a high dose treatment using MRI imaging. The images revealed reduced blood flow in the amygdala, the part of the brain that handles emotional responses, stress, and fear. The amygdala is usually overactive in patients who suffer from depression and anxiety.
  • A team of researchers at Johns Hopkins were also able to prove that psilocybin could treat depressed mood and anxiety among 51 terminally ill patients. The patients experienced significant relief for up to six months from a single large dose of psilocybin, and after being interviewed said they felt the experience had increased the quality of life, and made them more optimistic.

What the Studies Teach Us

One thing that came out in the Imperial College London study is that patients who’ve received a dose of psilocybin undergo a resetting of the brain. This means that the connections between different parts of their brain loosen up and then reintegrate after going through the psychedelic trip. This could be used to explain why the patients are able to overcome compulsive behavior and rethink deep-rooted beliefs associated with depression.


Psilocybin works differently than antidepressants

This is starkly different to antidepressants which act by dulling our emotions to help us cope with depression. Psilocybin by contrast enhances our sensory perception by complementing our serotonin system – the system that sends signals between nerve cells. It broadens the communication pathways in our brains and enhances our emotional responses encouraging patients to face their depression head-on.

At any rate, the more conventional methods of treating depression, such as antidepressants and behavioral therapy can take weeks or even months before any positive results are seen and aren’t always effective. Besides, certain drugs used to treat depression, such as benzodiazepines, can actually be addictive.


Mushrooms increase your productivity

Magic mushrooms don’t just fight depression. Both lab-based research and anecdotes from users show that psilocybin mushrooms sharpen your focus, boost your productivity and enable you to connect better with others.

Research conducted by cognitive scientist Vince Polito, sought to find out what the experiences of 98 microdosers was like. The study noted changes in the participants’ behavior including decreased mind-wandering, lower levels of stress and depression. The study concludes that “microdosing may lead to more subtle changes characterised by improvements in mental stability, the capacity to sustain attention and increased ability to become engaged in intense imaginative experiences.”


Magic mushrooms free you spiritually

In another study by Johns Hopkins psychologists 36 healthy volunteers were given psilocybin to see how it would affect them spiritually. The study included a control group among the participants who received a placebo. After a couple of months these were the outcomes:

  • Almost 80% of the participants reported “moderately or greatly increased well-being or life satisfaction” compared with those who received a placebo during the same therapy session.
  • Most of them said their “mood, attitudes and behaviors had changed for the better,” a feeling that was acknowledged by family members, friends and co-workers.
  • One third of the subjects in the study said the experience was the “single most spiritually significant of their lifetimes”, while more than two-thirds ranked it among the top five most meaningful and spiritually significant experiences.


Suffice it to say the evidence that magic mushrooms have a holistic benefit on your mental wellness are overwhelming. Unfortunately the illegal status of magic mushrooms means many people will not be able to access these obvious benefits in the short term.

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